Nokia launches 5G femtocell indoor mobile base station

Nokia launches 5G femtocell indoor mobile base station

According to foreign media reports on May 6, Nokia has launched a Femtocell indoor small mobile base station that supports 5G. Nokia said that the femtocell Femtocell mobile base station now supports 4G LTE, supports 5G non-independent networking (NSA) and will support 5G independent networking through software upgrades.


This small base station is called “smart node” and will be introduced to the market in the fourth quarter of 2021, mainly for small and medium enterprises and residential customers.

Nokia is promoting the solution to corporate and carrier customers. For corporate customers, Nokia advertises that the small base station can provide mobile networks with “anti-hacking” security without the need for company IT personnel to understand and install complex security solutions. “Smart Node” security solutions include digital certificates, IPSec encrypted with IKEv2, and firewalls and tampering alerts.

Nokia said that for operators, the 5G femtocell indoor base station can help them expand the local market and reduce operating costs. Outdoor small base stations near enterprises require power, backhaul, and venues, while indoor solutions allow enterprises to bear these costs. Of course, the downside is that indoor solutions usually only support one enterprise customer, while outdoor small base stations can support multiple enterprise customers.

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