AN5506 01 A Mini ONU


AN5506 01 A Mini ONU  is a desktop GPON ONU with one GE Port used for the network connection of the FTTH equipment, which can provide data and multicast access services

AN5506 01 A Mini ONU General Introduction

AN5506-01-A is an FTTH GPON ONU. It provides users with communication and entertainment services in the form of data, video, and so on, to meet the integrated access demand of families and small-scaled enterprises. It includes two sub-types: the AN5506-01A6G and the AN5506-01-A9G. The two sub-types mainly differ in their specifications and LED indicators.

AN5506 GPON ONT series equipments are manufactured and developed by FiberHome, a leading FTTH/ FTTC broadband access network field. They are properly managed with features such as high-bandwidth,  high-reliability,  low power consumption and satisfy the users’ requirement to access broadband,  voice,  data and video etc.

the specs are as below

ONT TypeEthernet Interface  QuantityPOTS Interface QuantityWi-Fi InterfaceUSB Interface QuantityCATV Interface
AN5506-01-A 1 mini1 (GE)////

AN5506 01 A Mini ONU  Product Picture

Fiberhome An5506 01 A ONU YCICTFiberhome An5506 01 A ONU YCICT

Fiberhome An5506 01 A ONU YCICT FIBERHOME AN5506 01A PRICE AND SPECS NEW AND ORIGINAL An5506 01 A An5506 01 A price and specs ycict

 AN5506 01 A Mini ONU Datasheet

TypeAN5506-01-A mini
Uplink InterfaceGPON
Downlink Interface1*GE
Lightning ProtectionPower 4KV,  user interface 1.5KV
Operating Temperature~45℃
Ambient Humidity~90%
Power SupplyAC:220V  DC:12V/0.5A

AN5506 01 A Mini ONU Feature

An5506 01 A ONU gives support for the below service:
1, the configuration of Ethernet interface rate, working mode, MDI / MDIX adaptive mode and Pause flow control;
2, packet filtering and anti-illegal packet attack protection to suppress unknown unicast, broadcast, and multicast packets;
3, Ethernet line performance statistics function;
4, DHCP Option 60 to report the physical location information of the Ethernet interface;
5, H.248, MGCP and SIP, and other voice protocols;
6, Support IGMP Snooping; and STP / RSTP agreement;
GPON system downlink AES-128 algorithm for data encryption;
7, Dual-mode management based on DBA technology and priority to ensure that the user’s minimum specified bandwidth requirements:

FYI, AN5506-01 and AN5516-01 equipment (OLT) are used in conjunction to form GPON system, therefore to provide users with data, video and other means of communication and entertainment services to meet the family or small business integrated access needs.

AN5506 01 A Mini ONU and More Related Models

Product without Wi-Fi
Downlink Interface1*GE4*FE/GE1GE+1FE+1POTS(2GE+1POTS)4*FE/GE
Power SupplyAC:220VAC:220VAC:220VAC:220V
Lightning ProtectionPower 4KV,  user interface 1.5KVPower 4KV,  user interface 1.5KVPower 4KV,  user interface 1.5KVPower 4KV,  user interface 1.5KV
Operating Temperature~45℃~45℃~45℃~45℃
Ambient Humidity~90%~90%~90%~90%

AN5506-01-A GPON 1*GE
AN5506-04-A GPON 4*FE/GE
AN5506-04-B GPON 4*FE/GE+2*POTS
AN5506-02-D GPON 1*GE+1*FE+WiFi
AN5506-04-D GPON 4*GE+WiFi
AN5506-02-F GPON 1GE+1FE+1POTS+WiFi
AN5506-04-F GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+ WiFi
AN5506-04-FA GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+ WiFi
AN5506-04-FAT GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+ WiFi
AN5506-04-G GPON 4*GE+2*POTS+CATV+WiFi(2.4G)

AN5506 01 A Mini ONU Product Topology

Fiberhome An5506 01 A ONU YCICT


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