H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch

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H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch is a high-density intelligent switch developed for data centers and cloud computing networks. it offers 32×100G QSFP28 ports, 2×1G SFP ports, 5×fan tray slots, 2×out-of-band management ports, 1×mini USB console port, and 1×USB port. The switch uses 650W AC or DC removable power modules and supports 1+1 power module redundancy.

H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch Product Overview

9850-32H-H1 Switch provides powerful hardware forwarding capacity and abundant data center features. It offers up to 32*100G ports and 2 out-of-band management ports (one fiber port and one copper port). The 100G ports are 100G/40G autosensing and each can be split into four interfaces. This enables the switch to provide up to 128*25G or 10G ports.
In addition, the switch supports modular power supplies and fan trays. By using different fan trays, the switch can provide field-changeable airflows. Moreover, 9850-32H-H1 supplies a variety of traffic monitoring and analytic tools, including sFlow, NetStream, SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN mirroring, and port mirroring to help customers perform precise traffic analysis and gain visibility into network application traffic. With these tools, customers can collect network traffic data to evaluate network health status, create traffic analysis reports, perform traffic engineering, and optimize resource allocation
The switch is an ideal product for high-density 100GE or 25GE accessing and aggregation at data centers and cloud computing networks. It can also operate as a TOR access switch on an overlay or integrated network.

H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch Product Pictures

H3C 9850-32H-H1 price and specs 9850-32H3C 9850-32H H3C switch price

H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch H3C H3C S9850 Series9850-32H H3C S9850 Series switch

H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch Product Specifications

Item S9850-4C S9850-32H
PID LS-9850-4C /LS-9850-4C-H1 LS-9850-32H-H1
Dimensions (H × W × D) 88.1 × 440 × 660 mm (3.47 × 17.32 × 25.98 in) 43.6 × 440 × 460 mm (1.72 × 17.32 × 18.11 in)
Weight(Full loaded) ≤ 27 kg (59.53 lb) ≤ 15 kg (33.07 lb)
Serial console port 1 1
Out-of-band management port One GE copper port and one GE fiber port One GE copper port and one GE fiber port
Mini USB console port 1 1
USB port 1 1
QSFP28 / 32
SFP port 2 2
Expansion slot 4
CPU LS-9850-4C-H1: 4 cores, 2.2 GHz LS-9850-32H-A:4 cores, 2.4 GHz
LS-9850-32H-H1:4 cores, 2.2 GHz
Flash/SDRAM 8GB/8GB LS-9850-32H-A:4GB/8GB
Latency < 1.5μs
Switching capacity 6.4 Tbps
Forwarding capacity 2024 Mpps
Buffer 32M
AC-input voltage 90v to 264v 90v to 264v
DC-input voltage –40v to –72v –40v to –72v
Power module slot 4 2
Fan tray slot 2 5
Air flow direction From front to rear or from rear to front From front to rear or from rear to front
Typical power consumption · With four LSWM18CQ modules: 355 W
· With four LSWM18CQMSEC modules: 443 W
· With four LSWM116Q modules: 311 W
· With four LSWM18QC modules: 251 W
· With four LSWM124XG2Q modules: 363 W
· With four LSWM124XGT2Q modules: 487 W
· With four LSWM124XG2QFC modules: 363 W
· With four LSWM124XG2QL modules: 275 W
· With four LSWM124TG2H modules: 355 W
· With four LSWM116FC modules: 311 W
Single AC: 198 W
Maximum power consumption ·With four LSWM18CQ modules: 688 W
·With four LSWM18CQMSEC modules: 748 W
·With four LSWM116Q modules: 616 W
·With four LSWM18QC modules: 496 W
·With four LSWM124XG2Q modules: 616 W
·With four LSWM124XGT2Q modules: 868 W
·With four LSWM124XG2QFC modules: 616 W
·With four LSWM124XG2QL modules: 520 W
·With four LSWM124TG2H modules: 688 W
·With four LSWM116FC modules: 616 W
· Single AC input: 376 W
Typical thermal consumption ·With four LSWM18CQ modules: 1211 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM18CQMSEC modules: 1512 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM116Q modules: 1061 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM18QC modules: 856 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM124XG2Q modules: 1239 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM124XGT2Q modules: 1662 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM124XG2QFC modules: 1239 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM124XG2QL modules: 938 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM124TG2H modules: 1211 BTU/hr
·With four LSWM116FC modules: 1061 BTU/hr
·Single AC input: 676 BTU/hr
·Dual AC inputs: 717 BTU/hr
·Single DC input: 672 BTU/hr
·Dual DC inputs: 710 BTU/hr
MTBF(years) 45.8 27.2
MTTR(hour) 1 1
Operating temperature 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
Operating humidity 5% to 95%, noncondensing

H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch Product Features

  • H3C S9850 switch supports DRNI(M-LAG), which enables links of multiple switches to aggregate into one to implement device-level link backup. DRNI is applicable to servers dual-homed to a pair of access devices for node redundancy.
  • H3C S9850 switch supports AAA, RADIUS and user account based authentication, IP, MAC, VLAN, port-based user identification, dynamic and static binding; when working with the H3C iMC platform, it can conduct real time management, instant diagnosis and crackdown on illicit network behavior.
  • H3C S9850 switch adopts the next-generation chip with more flexible Openflow FlowTable, more resources and accurate ACL matching, which greatly improves the software-defined network (SDN) capabilities and meet the demand of data center SDN network.
  • H3C S9850 switch can interconnect with H3C SeerEngine-DC Controller through standard protocols such as OVSDB, Netconf and SNMP to implement network automatic deployment and configuration.

H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch Product and More S9850 Models

S9850-4C: 4×service slots, 2×1G SFP ports, 2×fan tray slots, 2×out-of-band management ports, 1×mini USB console port, and 1×USB port.
S9850-32H: 32×100G QSFP28 ports, 2×1G SFP ports, 5*fan tray slots, 2×out-of-band management ports, 1×mini USB console port, and 1×USB port.

H3C LS-9850-32H-H1 Switch Product Applications

H3C LS-6850-56H-H3 topology