HUAWEI HG8245A FTTH is firstly a Gateway type ONT with 4FE+2POTS+WIFI+1USB and it also supports QoS, security, energy saving, multicast, voice, Layer 3, WIFI, USB and intelligent operation and maintenance and so on.

HUAWEI HG8245A FTTH Product Picture


HG8245AHG8245A new and good price

HUAWEI HG8245A FTTH Product Specifications

Product Detail
Product Model Huawei ONU
Firmware language English
Pots 4FE+2voice+USB
Color White
Conditions Brand New
Power Type EU, US, UK, AU
Keywords FTTH Epon wifi router,gpon terminal ont,gpon splitter

HUAWEI HG8245A FTTH Features

Likewise, HUAWEI Hg8245A is an EPON Optical Network Terminal designed for FTTH scenario.
It further provides high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with Internet and HD video services.
It has a small, smart appearance and green, energy-saving advantage as well.

Finally, HG8245A Main Function

• Supported service: Internet
Product Includes:

• 1 x HG8245A EPON Optical Network Terminal

• 1 x 12V 1000mA Power Supply

As to Shipping,

1, Packaging according to customer requirement
All products are packed in a carton, therefore, the products are well protected.
2. Products are shipped via DHL / FedEx / TNT/ etc for small orders. So the cargo can reach in about 3-5 days all over the world.
3. For big order, they will arrange Air cargo for your shipment, in order to save shipping cost.
4. The buyers can choose your own shipping agent, we will provide cooperation.

HUAWEI HG8245A FTTH and More Models

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HG8310 EPON ONT, 1*LAN English Firmware
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HG8010/HG8010C GPON ONT, 1*LAN English Firmware
HG8311/HG8110/HG8110F GPON ONT, 1*LAN+1*VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8120C/HG8120F/HG8120/HG8321/HG8321R GPON ONT, 2LAN+VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8340M/HG8540/HG8040 GPON ONT, 4FE English Firmware SIP
HG8342/HG8342R/HG8342M/HG8240 GPON ONT, 4FE+2VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8240/HG8240H GPON ONT, 4GE+2VOICE English Firmware SIP
HG8345R internal antenna GPON ONT, 4FE+WIFI (internal antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8345R external antenna GPON ONT, 4FE+WIFI (external antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8546M GPON ONT, 1GE+3FE+VOICE+WIFI, English Firmware SIP
HG8346M/HG8245A/HG8346R GPON ONT, 4FE+2VOICE+WIFI (internal antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8346R external antenna GPON ONT, 4FE+2VOICE+WIFI (external antenna)English Firmware SIP
HG8245C2 GPON ONT, 2GE+2FE+2VOICE+WIFI English Firmware SIP
HG8245 external antenna GPON ONT, 4GE+2VOICE+WIFI ( external antenna)black color English SIP
HG8245H GPON ONT, 4GE+2VOICE+WIFI English Firmware SIP ONT

HUAWEI-HG8245A Product Applications


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