Huawei MA5626-16 GPON is a box-type device configurable with a GPON uplink ports and up to 16 downstream ports for broadband, voip, pots, and Internet access services, applied in FTTB construction scenarios and placed in network cabinets in corridors

Huawei MA5626-16 GPON Product Overview

The product is an industry-leading remote multi dwelling unit (MDU), which is used on a passive optical network (PON), and provides wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) coverage in Fiber To The Building (FTTB) hotspots and supplies power for access points (APs) or video cameras used for safety city construction. MA5626 PoE is a boxtype device measuring 1-U high and 19-inch wide, providing two GPON or GE network ports and four GE and FE (total eight) LAN user ports, and supplying power for terminals by using category-5 cables. Moreover, MA5626 PoE features easy installation and maintenance, high power output, high bandwidth, integration, mute design, and high stability. Hotspot Wi-Fi coverage and video monitoring scenarios: Support for the PoE function and power supply by using category-5 cables, reducing cost and dependence on power supply equipment compatibility and achieving minimum project input and fast deployment

Huawei MA5626-16 GPON Product Pictures

Huawei MA5626-8 price and specs ycictMA5626-16 price and specs

MA5626-16 price and specs ycicthuawei MA5626-16 price and specs ycict

Huawei MA5626-16 GPON Product Specifications

Dimensions (H×W×D) 43.6mm×442mm×220mm
Network-side port The MA5626 PoE provides two uplink ports that
use the SFP optical modules and automatically
adapt to GPON and GE modes. The two uplink
ports can be configured as follows:
•• 2×GPON
•• 2×GE (optical)
•• 1×GE (optical) + 1×GPON
User-side port 4×GE (electrical) +4×FE (electrical)
Operating temperature -40oC to 55oC; startup at -25oC
Humidity  5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Heat dissipation mode No fans; passive cooling
Power supply AC: 220V
PoE power supply 30W (802.3at) and 15W (802.3af)
Lightning protection capability 6kV
Weight 3.5kg

Huawei MA5626-16 GPON Product Features

  • MA5626 supports a broad ambient temperature range and has a low-noise design, as well as a passive heat dissipation design, ensuring both high system reliability and low power consumption.
  • MA5626 can be configured remotely, and its management and service channels are automatically established once the device is powered on and has successfully registered with an upper-layer device. The device supports plug-and-play and has management, maintenance, and monitoring functions to facilitate routine O&M and fault diagnosis.
  • MA5626 automatically adapts to GPON/EPON/GE upstream transmission modes, meeting different FTTx access requirements. Moreover, it supports both the SIP and the H.248 protocol for interconnection with the softswitch.
  • MA5626 provides 6 kV surge protection and Type C dual-PON port protection to ensure device reliability.

Huawei MA5626-16 GPON Product and More Models

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Huawei MA5626-16 GPON Product Applications

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