Huawei MA5626-8 GPON is a box-type device configurable with a GPON uplink ports and up to 8 downstream ports for broadband, voip, pots, and Internet access services.

Huawei MA5626-8 GPON Product Overview

The product can be used in FTTB + LAN scenarios to provide broadband access and voice services for home and SME users. It can be installed on desktops, in corridors, or in cabinets.
Thanks to its plug-and-play feature, MA5626-8 GPON supports shorter service provisioning phase, which reduces deployment costs. The service emulation and remote fault location features of the device help reduce O&M costs. With its energy-saving design, the MA5626 uses energy more efficiently, which in turn increases carriers’ profitability. The MA5626 has been widely applied in the market, serving multiple carriers around the world.

Huawei MA5626-8 GPON Product Pictures

Huawei MA5626-8 GPON ycictHuawei MA5626-8 GPON ycict

Huawei MA5626-8 GPONHuawei MA5626-8 GPON price

Huawei MA5626-8 GPON Product Specifications

SmartAX MA5620 MA5626
GPON ITU G.984-compliance
32 T-CONTs
1000 GEM ports
Broadband 4096 VLANs, supporting QinQ and stacking VLANs
4096 MAC addresses, supporting VMAC
802.1p, supporting PQ and WRR flow control, and ACL
Voice SIP and H.248
POTS short-loop design
Multicast IGMPv2 and IGMPv3
IGMP proxy and IGMP snooping
A maximum of 1024 configurable multicast programs in the system
A maximum of 48 multicast users
A maximum of 16 concurrent multicast programs for each user
Security PPPoE+ and DHCP option82
Static and dynamic MAC address binding
Anti-MAC and anti-IP spoofing; source MAC address and IP address filtering
Anti-DoS attack and firewall
Maintenance SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3
and Telnet and SSHv2
management Remote and batch pre-deployment
Remote upgrade and monitoring

Huawei MA5626-8 GPON Product Features

  • MA5626 can be configured remotely, and its management and service channels are automatically established once the device is powered on and has successfully registered with an upper-layer device. The device supports plug-and-play and has management, maintenance, and monitoring functions to facilitate routine O&M and fault diagnosis.
  • MA5626 automatically adapts to GPON/EPON/GE upstream transmission modes, meeting different FTTx access requirements. Moreover, it supports both the SIP and the H.248 protocol for interconnection with the softswitch.
  • MA5626 provides 6 kV surge protection and Type C dual-PON port protection to ensure device reliability.
  • MA5626 supports forward PoE, which provides a power source for Wi-Fi terminals in a fiber to the wireless (FTTW) network. It also supports reverse PoE so that it can be powered in FTTB scenarios.

Huawei MA5626-8 GPON and More Models

MA5626-8 GPON is available in desktop and standard models
MA5626-8 EPON
MA5626-16 GPON
MA5626-16 EPON
MA5626-24 GPON
MA5626-24 EPON
MA5620-8 GPON with voice interface
MA5620-8 EPON with a voice interface
MA5620-16 GPON with voice interface
MA5620-16 EPON with voice interface
MA5620-24 GPON with a voice interface
MA5620-24 EPON with a voice interface

Huawei MA5626-8 GPON Product Applications