Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT


Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT  is optical access device functions as an OLT device in a GPON/EPON system. Its function and function are similar to those of the Huawei MA5680T. It is a small-to-medium-capacity OLT device. Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT is 19inch, with 5U height 6 service slots, supporting EPON, GPON, 10G PON, P2P service; H802MABO subrack equipped with 2xH801SCUN, 2xH801PRTE

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT Product Overview

MA5683T HUAWEI   is positioned as an optical access device OLT, which supports GPON, 10G GPON, EPON, 10G EPON, and P2P access modes, and provides services such as Internet access, voice, and video. As a large, medium and small series of products, several products have a total of software platforms and service boards.

Large capacity: MA5680T

Medium capacity: MA5683T

Small capacity: MA5608T

Huawei MA5683T provides 13 slots, including 6 service board slots; 2 main control board slots; 2 GIU upstream board slots; 2 power board slots; and 1 common interface board slot.

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT Product Pictures

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT YCICTHuawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT YCICT

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT YCICTHuawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT YCICT

Configure the service board in slots 0 to 5 of  MA5603T. The slots 6 to 7 are the slots of the main control board. MA5603T can be configured with two main control boards to implement the active/standby function. The GIU upstream boards are configured in slots 8 and 9. The power boards are configured in slots 10 and 11, and the universal interface board is configured in 12 slots.

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT Product Specifications

Compatible cabinetIndoor cabinet:N63E-22、N66E-18Indoor cabinet:N66E-22Indoor cabinet:N66E-18
outdoor cabinet:F01T500outdoor cabinetoutdoor cabinet:F01S300、F01T500、F01T300
Service CardMain control board: 2 slotsMain control board: 2 slotsMain control board: 2 slots
Service board: 16 slotsService board: 16 slotsService board: 6 slots
Universal interface board: 1 slotUniversal interface board: 1 slotUniversal interface board: 1 slot
Uplink interface board: 2 slotsUplink interface board: 2 slotsUplink interface board: 2 slots
Power interface board: 2 slotsPower interface board: 2 slotsPower interface board: 2 slots
Supportable main control board and switching capacitySCUN/SCUK:480Gbit/s(Active/standby mode)、960Gbit/s(Load sharing mode)
SCUH/SCUV:960Gbit/s(Active/standby mode)、1920Gbit/s(Load sharing mode)
System Layer 2 packet forwarding rateSCUN/SCUK:726Mpps(Active/standby mode)、1452Mpps(Load sharing mode)
SCUH/SCUV:1428Mpps(Active/standby mode)、2856Mpps(Load sharing mode)
Exchange forwarding delayHas a lower forwarding delay. The 100Mbit/s Ethernet port sends 64Byte Ethernet packets with a delay of no more than 20μs.
Full load error rateWhen the port is transmitting at full load, the bit error rate (bit error rate) is <10 e-7.

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT Product Features

Large-capacity shared platform

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT provides the large-capacity shared platform that supports a high-speed switching capacity.

Based on the iMAP hardware platform and the IAS software platform of Huawei, Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT adopts advanced architecture and design.

Powerful integrated GPON/EPON access capability

  1. EPON access capability

The point to multi-point (P2MP) architecture is used to support the passive optical transmission over Ethernet. Symmetrical upstream and downstream rates of 1.25 Gbit/s are supported to provide the high-speed broadband services

  1. GPON access capability.

The downstream rate is up to 2.488 Gbit/s and the upstream rate is up to 1.244 Gbit/s. Long-distance is supported. The maximum physical transmission distance of the ONT is 60 km. The physical distance between the farthest ONT and the nearest ONT can be up to 20 km. High split ratio is supported. The 8-port GPON access board supports a split ratio of 1:128.

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT Service Boards

Board TypeModelFull Name
Control boardSCULSuper Control Unit Board
SCUNSuper Control Unit Board
Service boardGPBC4-port GPON OLT Interface Board
GPBD8-port GPON OLT Interface Board
OPFAFE P2P Optical Interface Board
TOPATDM Traffic Over PSN Board
CSPACESoP Service Process Board
SPUAService Process Board
ETHBEthernet Service Access Board
SPUBService Process Unit Board
Clock boardCITDCombo Interface Transfer Board
BIUABITS Interface Unit Board
Upstream interface boardGICF2-port GE Optical Interface Card
GICG2-port GE Electrical Interface Card
GICK2-port GE Optical/Electrical Interface Card
X1CA1-port 10GE XFP Optical Interface Unit Board
X2CA2-port 10GE XFP Optical Interface Unit Board
X2CS2-port 10GE Uplink Interface Card
Power interface boardPRTEConnect Power Board

Huawei SmartAX MA5683T OLT Applications


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