ZTE GTBO Service Board is an 8-Port XG-PON1 subscriber card designed to be used with ZXA10 C300 and ZXA10 C320.

ZTE GTBO Service Board Product Overview

ZTE GTBO Service Board is an 8-port XGPON OLT interface board, which cooperates with ONU to realize GPON access service for ZTE C320 C300. ZXA10 C320 is new-generation compact OLT, only 2U high, saving installation space; high line card density: industry-leading 16-port GPON/EPON and 48-channel P2P board capability, single-frame can provide 32 G/EPON ports and 96 channels P2P GE port. ZTE ZXA10 C300 solution is very threatening to competitors in the global FTTP market. The new ZXA10 C300 platform is one of only a handful of FTTP OLT solutions that supports both standards-based GPON and EPON, not to mention point-to-point active Ethernet (AE) FTTP and 10G EPON. This gives ZTE a solid competitive advantage in terms of deployment flexibility vis-à-vis rival vendor OLTs, most of which will support only one or two of the various FTTP connectivity options.

ZTE GTBO Service Board Product Pictures

ZTE GTBO Service BoardZTE GTBO Service Board ycict

ZTE GTBO Service Board ycictZTE GTBO Service Board

ZTE GTBO Service Board Product Specifications

Brand ZTE
Port 8
Type N1 Module: Single Fiber Bidirectional Optical Module N1
N2a Module: Single Fiber Bidirectional Optical Module N2a
Operating Wavelength Tx: 1577 nm, Rx: 1270 nm
Encapsulation Type SFP+
Port Rate Tx: 10 Gbit/s, Rx: 2.488 Gbit/s
Minimun Output Optical Power N1 Module: 2dBm
N2a Module: 4dBm
Maximum Output Optical Power N1 Module: 6dBm
N2a Module: 8dBm
Maximum Receiver Sensitivity N1 Module: -27.5dBm
N2a Module: -29.50dBm
Optical Connector Type SC/UPC
Optical Fiber Type Single-mode
Reach 20.00 km
Saturation optical power N1 Module: -7dBm
N2a Module: -9dBm
Extinction ratio 8.2dB
Weight 1.68kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 393.1 mm(H) × 23.9 mm(W) × 214 mm(D)

ZTE GTBO Service Board and More Service Boards

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GTGO 8 ports GPON board with 8 C+ modules.
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ZTE GTBO Service Board Product Features

  • Support ISSU and NSR
  • Support multiple services including VoIP, HSI, IPTV, VPN, and mobile backhaul.
  • Support CFM functions defined by 802.1ag.
  • Support Type-B/C PON protection, Ethernet and IP service protection, and redundant protection of the switch & control cards, power cards, fans, and uplink interfaces.
  • Provide enriched equipment security, system security, network security and service security features
  • Provide redundant control & switch card on the control plane, and supports dual matrix load balancing on the forwarding plane
  • Support 8 port XGS-PON/ XG-PON/Combo PON/10G-EPON cards, 8-port 10GE cards and 48-port GE P2P cards.

ZTE GTBO Service Board Product Applications

C320 box+ 1 PRAM + 1 SMXA/1

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