Stock Status in Sept

Stock Status in Sept

Single board device type

100G transceiver integrated optical module 100G-10KM-1310nm-SM-CFP2

SDH series are as follows

SSN3SL16A02 (2 blocks in 2009)


SSN1GXCSA01 (more than 2009 blocks)


WRI 5dB light attenuation multiple cheap processing

TN81EFF8 PTN950 (new in 12 years)

TN82EX2 (new original packaging for 11 years) 40KM optical module

SSJ5Q16E OSN9500 ​​(12 years of new original packaging)

SSJ1JLH112 multiple pieces of cheap processing OSN9500 ​​(2007, 2009 new original packaging)

Clock output board BT11TSOU 10 years

The WDM series are as follows

1600G equipment optical amplifier board, SSE5OPUC03C, SSE5OAUC01C, SSE5OAUC03E, SSE5OAUC05A, etc.

XFP/SFP+ optical module-SFP+-1310nm-10Gb/s-single mode-10km small module 30

10G-1310nm-10km-SM-XFP SXP3104NV-H1 20 large modules

1.25G-1310nm-10km-SM-ESFP RTXM191-400 4+2

Network port optical module ABCU-5710RZ 1000BASE-T 1.25G 16 pcs

TN12NS201M02 195.40 wavelength

TN52ND2T01 11 years adjustable wave

TN11MCA801, TN11MCA802

TN5M2TDX01 (new in 11 years) 10km optical module

TN1M2TDX01 3 yuan in 10 years

TN12XCS02 OSN6800 (New original packaging in 2009)

TN1M1TOM01 OSN6800 (New low-cost processing in 2008)

TN5M2TOM01 10 years and 11 years each

TN12OBU101 TN12OBU104

TN52STI (new in 11 years)


TN1M1ST2 (new in 14 years) multiple pieces

TN12VA401 multi-block cheap processing OSN6800

TN11WMU01 multi-block cheap processing OSN6800

TN11M4001 TN11M4002 Multi-block cheap processing OSN6800

TN51SCC01OSN6800 (new in 2009)

TN11PIU02OSN6800 (new in 2009)

DCM (B1 block, D1 block, T1 block) dispersion compensation fiber

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