Huawei helps Mexico’s Original Hotel Group to create a smart wine for ultimate experience

Huawei has helped Cancun “Enchanted” resorts under Original Hotel Group to build an all-optical fusion network to create a modern luxury theme hotel. The resort uses the all-light hotel solution provided by Huawei to provide guests with the most “tide” high-tech experience, which effectively meets the growing entertainment sharing needs of young customer groups and greatly improves customer satisfaction.

The resort is located in Cancun, Mexico, a famous tourist resort in the world, and is one of the top local hotel groups. The resort is designed by world-renowned designer Karim Rashid and is committed to providing guests with the best user experience. Whether you are in a room, lobby or beach, you can enjoy the pleasure of high-speed Internet access, video and social interaction. Due to the wide coverage characteristics of Huawei’s outdoor APs, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access is available on yachts within 80m of the beach, which brings a lot of surprises and happiness to guests. In addition, the hotel regularly pushes colorful themed activities and services through mobile APPs and interactive TVs. Guests can plan ahead and keep important information under control. Some private customized services can easily complete the appointment and service experience through the TV interactive menu and mobile APP. Because of the elegant hotel environment, intimate hotel services, and wonderful check-in experience, the resort has formed a good reputation, driving the continuous rise of customers.
Mr. Rodrigo, CEO of the group, said: “Our guests are getting younger. They need high-speed Internet access and streaming media viewing in rooms, restaurants, bars and beaches. Multi-screen interaction is an aspect that we are very concerned about building modern hotels. With the most advanced all-light hotel solution, our occupancy rate has increased by 40% year-on-year. “


Huawei’s all-optical hotel solution is based on advanced GPON / 10G GPON technology, using fiber-to-room, fiber-to-camera / wireless AP and other networking forms to meet various scenarios. The solution includes a full range of products such as core switches, centralized AC controllers, firewalls, converged OLTs, passive ODN networks, home / enterprise ONTs, and wireless APs. Due to the advantages of large bandwidth, long-distance coverage, anti-electromagnetic interference and corrosion resistance, Huawei’s all-optical hotel solution has become the preferred LAN solution for the hotel industry.


Enchanted Resort adopts the all-light hotel solution provided by Huawei and is the first hotel in Cancun to provide a fully interactive IPTV service. In addition, guests can control lights, home appliances, curtains, etc. through smart peripherals, enhancing the hotel’s sense of technology. Since the resort was put into operation, customer satisfaction has been very high and no complaints or complaints have been received from customers. At present, the resort is constantly innovating based on these modern technologies to bring more surprises and unique experiences to guests. In view of the good operation of the charm resort project, Original Hotel Group has planned that all three other resorts under it will also adopt Huawei’s all-light hotel solution.

According to Ovum’s global quarterly PON / NG PON market share report in the third quarter of 2017, Huawei ranked first with 42% and 62% share, respectively. As a leader in the field of optical access, Huawei has ranked first in the PON / NG GPON market share for many years. At present, Huawei’s all-optical hotel solution has successfully served hotel customers in more than 100 countries on 5 continents, and provides customers with the ultimate service experience through continuous innovation.