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[Lithography giant ASML: net sales of about 3.5 billion euros in the first quarter]

On April 21, the lithography giant ASML released its first quarter 2022 financial report on April 20. In the first quarter of 2022, ASML achieved net sales of 3.5 billion euros (about 24.15 billion yuan), a gross profit margin of 49.0%, a net profit of 695 million euros (about 4.795 billion yuan), and new orders of 7 billion euros (about 48.3 billion RMB).

ASML President and CEO Peter Wennink said the company expects net sales in the second quarter of 2022 to be between 5.1 billion euros (about 35.19 billion yuan) and 5.3 billion euros (about 36.57 billion yuan), with a gross profit margin of about 49%. %~50%.


【ASE invested NT$1.325 billion to expand IC packaging and testing】

On April 20, according to Taiwanese media, ASE, the leader in semiconductor packaging and testing, announced that it will continue to expand its investment in Taiwan, spending NT$1.325 billion to cooperate with Hongjing Construction to build the second park of the Zhongli Factory, which will be used to expand IC packaging and testing production. Line, the new plant is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024.

The news was announced by Dong Hongsi, Chief Financial Officer of ASE, at the company’s major information briefing a few days ago. However, ASE did not disclose the future investment amount of the new plant, which is estimated by the industry to be more than NT$10 billion.


[PCB manufacturer: Kunshan seal control has a greater impact on transportation, and closed production is actually load-reduced production]

In order to curb the spread of the new crown epidemic, Kunshan has tightened the movement control again. In this regard, according to Taiwanese media “Economic Daily”, PCB manufacturers pointed out that the current sealing control has a great impact on transportation, and closed production is actually a reduced load production. Another problem is the speed at which raw materials are obtained, which will also interfere with closed production. .

PCB manufacturers say that the second quarter is already a low season for PCB consumer applications, but it is estimated that even if the client works overtime to clear inventory after the resumption of work, it will still be difficult to fully recover in the short term. It is reported that China Taiwan Nanya Circuit Board, Taiwan Optoelectronics, Jialianyi, Nandian, Jingchengke, Zongge Precision, Dingying, Yuanyu, Telu, Baicheng, Jingguo (Jinglu Electronics) and other PCB manufacturers are in Kunshan. All have factories.


【ON Semiconductor will use Singapore distribution center to distribute goods from Chinese factories】

On the evening of April 20, the Financial Associated Press quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that after ON Semiconductor closed its global distribution center in Shanghai, it will distribute goods from the three major factories in China through the Singapore (SGDC) distribution center.

Earlier, it was also mentioned in the notification letter issued by ON Semiconductor that Chinese goods have begun to be transferred to other ON Semiconductor sub-regions to ease capacity constraints and help reduce the impact – such as distribution centers in Singapore and Manila, Philippines

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