Rebuilding standards that are critical to 5G network security: TIA

Rebuilding standards that are critical to 5G network security: TIA

On February 27, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading American association representing manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, welcomed the passing of the 5G Leadership Act. Following the passage of the bill, TIA CEO David Stehlin made the following comment: “Senior colleagues in the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act passed today are a critical step in securing our network and ensuring our network integrity. Telecom supply chain of the times. “


According to information provided by Congressional Budget Office (CBO) S.1625, the US 5G Leadership Act 2019 will: “Establish a project administered by the Federal Communications Commission to compensate some U.S. communications vendors for the cost of removing and replacing certain equipment; prohibit Federal funds are used to purchase certain equipment; [and] mandate and create new programs to protect the US communications network. “

Stehlin’s statement continued, “TIA will continue to accelerate its supply chain security program, which is developing industry-driven standards, measurements, and benchmarks to form a consistent, common, and accepted set of global requirements to ensure the supply of information and communications technology The integrity of the chain and enable new technologies to reach their full potential.

The Congressional Budget Office noted that the bill ’s budgetary impact estimates will come primarily from “compensation to communications vendors” and “increasing spending on project creation and reporting based on appropriations.”

Sterling’s speech concluded by saying: “The TIA appreciates this decisive action designed to support the replacement of equipment that increases national security risks with equipment provided by trusted vendors. With this bill, Congress also provides The global industry has sent a clear signal that the United States will continue to lead in the field of 5G security. As a trusted industry association in the connected world, TIA appreciates the opportunity to contribute to policy discussions surrounding the development of this legislation. TIA thanks senators Wicker and Pallone represent the leadership role in addressing this critical issue, and we look forward to President Trump’s prompt action to sign this important bill into law. “

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