The Cisco Financial Industry Summit opens grandly in Qingdao

The Cisco Financial Industry Summit opens grandly in Qingdao

Today, the 2021 Cisco Financial Industry Summit was officially held in Qingdao. With the theme of “Openness and Integration, Smart Finance”, this summit will join hands with industry elites, technical experts and partners to discuss the digital transformation path of financial institutions and create new value in the financial industry. Many domestic banks, securities, and futures companies participated in the conference and were invited to deliver keynote speeches.

In the main venue, Cisco Global Vice President and Greater China CEO Huang Zhiming delivered a video speech:


The financial industry is one of Cisco’s most important businesses in China and even the world. Cisco has been in China for nearly 30 years and has been providing stable, reliable and secure solutions for financial industry customers all the way. We are very grateful to all customers and partners for their support to Cisco. Years of support and trust. In the face of an increasingly complex IT environment, Cisco will use a new IT architecture to meet the financial industry’s needs for rapid application deployment and compliance, helping it embrace the opportunities of the times and take advantage of the digital trend.”

At the conference site, He Jun, Senior Vice President of Cisco Greater China, General Manager of Northern Region, General Manager of Operators and Financial Industry, gave an opening speech:

“Cisco is redefining innovation, focusing on strategic priorities such as secure and agile networks, optimized application experience, future-oriented work models, the future of the Internet, and end-to-end security protection, to fully empower the financial industry to create new digital business experiences and improve business processing levels. To create high-quality services.”

At the conference, Cisco’s partners and industry experts were invited to deliver keynote speeches to jointly discuss the technological trends and endeavors of the digital transformation journey of the financial industry. In the keynote speech “The New Paradigm of Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry”, Gao Fei, Director of IDC China Financial Industry and Consulting Research said:


“In fact, the epidemic has become a catalyst for the digital transformation of the industry, and the cloud computing expenditure of large enterprises has also increased significantly. With the rise of trends such as open finance, cloud transformation, and intelligent operations, financial companies need to establish future digital infrastructures. Data is the core, a multi-cloud, intelligent and autonomous infrastructure platform to support the rapid development of the business.”

Yang Lei, Chief Architect of Tencent Financial Cloud Securities Industry, said in his speech “New Infrastructure and New Connections Boost New Development of Finance”:

“Technological development is driving a huge change in the organizational model. The new generation of cloud-native new technologies has blurred the boundaries between development, operation and maintenance, and security. Traditional loose IT infrastructure is difficult to adapt to business agile iterative and intelligent requirements. We are very happy to work with Cisco to jointly build a new secure and intelligent financial infrastructure to help the securities industry continue to evolve to a hybrid cloud architecture.”

Integration of experience, empowerment of wisdom

Two sub-venues were set up in the afternoon of the summit, including the banking and insurance sub-venue and the securities and futures sub-venue. In the banking and insurance sub-venue, Cisco took “Converged Experience, Smart Empowerment” as the theme, and demonstrated Cisco’s innovative technology to empower financial companies to achieve smart operation and maintenance and best practices in response to multi-cloud challenges.

In the keynote speech “Building a New Generation of Intelligent Financial Multi-cloud Convergence Experience”, Cisco focused on leading technologies in the five dimensions of collaboration, data, security, interconnection, and operations, and further interpreted the valuable value that advanced technology brings to the digital transformation of financial enterprises.

In terms of collaboration, with the widespread use of cloud services, financial companies have put forward higher requirements for the collaboration capabilities and service response speed of IT teams. With the support of Webex, Cisco has led a new hybrid teamwork and communication work model, which supports development and operation teams to be able to output high-efficiency productivity more safely and reliably regardless of time and geographical constraints, and to promote high-quality Cloud service delivery.

In terms of data insight, multi-cloud services are centered on business experience, and a good experience relies on the comprehensive insight capabilities of the full stack. Cisco relies on powerful data center switch chip technology to provide full-time packet-by-packet scene recording and reproduction of data and storage networks. It relies on the globally deployed ThousandEyes system to obtain the real-time experience and transmission status of every multi-cloud user, and Linked with AppDynamics application performance analysis system to analyze big data from businesses, applications, and infrastructure through artificial intelligence to form full-stack insights and optimization suggestions.

In terms of multi-cloud security, the fragmentation and complexity of multi-cloud bring challenges to financial security. Cisco recommends that financial companies use Secure Workload (formerly known as Tetration) to ensure zero-trust monitoring and isolation of cloud load neutrality, and use AppDynamics security agents to obtain in-depth application security protection of cloud business structure perception.

In terms of multi-cloud interconnection, Cisco’s Luxtera, Acacia and other optical communications subsidiaries have advanced optical communications technologies such as silicon optical and digital coherence, and support cloud infrastructure to continuously break the upper limit of capacity and distance. The neutral multi-cloud middleware of Cisco’s local service team in China The system helps financial users overcome the challenges of strategy fragmentation and deployment complexity of heterogeneous multi-cloud integration.

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Finally, in terms of multi-cloud operations, Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer and AppDynamics combine to achieve full-stack insights, and use Intersight Cloud Orchestrator to transform the insights into multi-cloud resource scheduling plans, and then use the in-depth linkage between Cisco Intersight and HashiCorp Terraform to promote the development of multi-cloud resource scheduling plans. Intelligent automation implementation and verification.

Through the technological promotion of these five dimensions, it will ultimately help Chinese financial companies make better use of multi-cloud to realize financial digital transformation and fulfill higher business goals and values.

In the keynote speech “Full Stack Visualization Empowers Intelligent Operation and Maintenance in the Financial Industry”, Cisco elaborated on the understanding and understanding of the strategic significance, methodology, and implementation feasibility of “Intelligent Operation and Maintenance (AIOps)” for digital transformation and technological empowerment of financial industry customers Thinking. With the accelerated construction of 5G+ mobile Internet, financial companies have invested heavily in the diversification of products and services, striving to quickly acquire users and seize the market. In this context, the types of applications are becoming more and more complex, the business chain is getting longer and longer, and the traditional silo-style development route from planning, construction to operation and maintenance is gradually showing shortcomings, that is, a small failure frequently affects the entire business chain. Experience, and can spread to thousands of end users, causing irreparable losses. As a global technology leader that has focused on making the Internet since 1984, Cisco combines its in-depth understanding and precipitation of the financial industry for more than 30 years to provide financial customers with a higher and more comprehensive perspective, aiming to form a unified A complete set of intelligent operation and maintenance ideological framework and methodology. At the same time, Cisco will also combine its own experience, mature products and customized services to help financial enterprise customers achieve faster and more stable full-stack intelligent operation and maintenance of the business, thus leading the way on the road of digital transformation and technological empowerment.

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