Huawei’s innovative products in the optical field unveiled

Huawei’s innovative products in the optical field unveiled

In the F5G Intent-Driven All-Optical Network Zone, Huawei showcased a variety of new products and solutions in the fields of all-optical campuses, industry optical communication networks, optical fiber sensing, optical access, and optical transmission, including the next-generation green 10 Gigabit all-optical campus solution, the industry’s first optical communication product that supports the fgOTN (fine-particle optical transport network) standard, the industry’s first commercial 50G all-optical campus solution, and the high-precision optical and visual linkage perimeter protection solution. Helping the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

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Optical enters and copper retreats, creating a green, ultra-wide, and minimalist all-optical park

Campus networks are moving towards the Wi-Fi 7 era, and traditional campus network cables can no longer meet the bandwidth requirements and need to be upgraded to optical fibers.

Based on XGS-PON Pro and Wi-Fi 7 technologies, Huawei showcased the F5G All-Optical Campus 2.0 solution, which upgrades bandwidth, networking, experience, and O&M to achieve 12.5/25 Gbit/s to rooms and 10 Gbit/s to APs, building a green 10 Gigabit all-optical campus. At the same time, Huawei showcased the industry’s first commercially available 50G all-optical campus solution to fully meet the requirements of high-performance campus scenarios.

For small and micro campuses, Huawei’s new F5G small all-optical products bring extraordinary experience, simplified deployment, and simplified O&M, and integrate smart cameras to achieve integrated use and O&M.

At the industrial park, Huawei showcased the industry’s first lossless industrial optical network solution, which implements three major innovations: zero packet loss, deterministic low latency, and ultra-long chain networking, comprehensively enhancing the connectivity capabilities of industrial optical networks and building ultra-reliable industrial networks.


Optical input and power retreat, F5G all-optical bearer to build a rock-solid production and communication network

Intelligent industries such as electric power and transportation require highly reliable and high-bandwidth communication networks to support, and the insufficient bandwidth of SDH networks, which was widely used in the past, has become a bottleneck for intelligent implementation. The trend of “fgOTN” and SDH (SDH) regression refers to the upgrading and transformation of SDH networks. The fgOTN standard is the next generation of SDH evolution as defined by ITU-T (Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union). Huawei showcased the world’s first all-optical industry communication network solution that supports the fgOTN standard and the OptiXtransE6600 series products, building a solid and reliable communication network for the industry.

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50G PON and FTTR open a new era of smart home

Huawei’s 50G PON solution uses unique core technologies such as end-to-end hard slicing to provide users with 10 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth, 100 times latency optimization, low jitter, and deterministic experience. It can also be seen that 50G PON is driving the smart home from a video-based entertainment model to a multi-purpose center for entertainment, education, office, and health.

In addition, Huawei also showcased the practical application scenarios of the Starlite F50 all-optical smart home solution, allowing visitors to experience the speed and convenience of using the F50 for data backup through an all-optical home storage demonstration. This feature revolutionizes the network experience of home users, and greatly improves users’ life and work efficiency in scenarios such as smart home and remote office.

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An all-optical high-quality transportation capacity network, which uses network strength to connect surging computing power

In the era of intelligence, the demand for computing power has increased rapidly, and the architecture of data centers has entered a multi-level layout of hub computing power, regional computing power, and edge computing power. Huawei’s all-optical high-quality transportation network solution includes a three-dimensional computing backbone network: Through the 3D Mesh architecture, 400G ultra-high bandwidth, and 99.9999% ultra-high reliability, Huawei implements block-free high-speed connectivity and lossless collaboration between data centers, ensuring that computing power is always online. The second is one-hop computing metro network: through the all-mesh metro core network, the computing room can be directly connected in the shortest path to achieve 1 millisecond intercomputing interconnection. Extend all-optical crossover and OTN technologies to the metro aggregation and access layers, and build flexible and dynamic bandwidth resource pools, so that enterprises can access the network and compute instantaneously.

In addition to the above-mentioned innovative products, Huawei’s F5G+ industry solutions will also be showcased in the exhibition area, covering sub-scenarios such as electric power, oil and gas, manufacturing, digital government, urban rail, highways, education, and healthcare, comprehensively accelerating the digital transformation of the entire industry.

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