Fortinet Launches New OT Security Launch, Integrating 5G, AI, and Zero Trust

Fortinet Launches New OT Security Launch, Integrating 5G, AI, and Zero Trust

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in cybersecurity at the convergence of networking and security, today announced the launch of its new FortiGate Rugged 70G, a compact and rugged firewall appliance that provides optimized and enhanced security networking and 5G connectivity services for OT environments. Powered by 5G dual modems and the Fortinet 5th Generation Security Processor (SP5) with superior secure computing power and energy efficiency, the new firewall products provide users with unmatched network performance, industry-leading FortiGuard AI-driven security services, and high availability.

OT/IT convergence: Calling for networking and security transformation in OT environments

With the advancement of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, the demand for networking technology in OT environments is growing rapidly. Traditional OT environments are often isolated from IT environments, but there is now a growing trend of convergence between the two. At the same time, with the explosive growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, OT environments require networking technologies that can handle large amounts of data and high-concurrency connections. This means that the requirements for bandwidth, reliability, and latency in the network are constantly increasing.

Not only that, but the ability to provide unprecedented network connection speeds and low latency makes 5G ideal for supporting real-time data transmission and industrial automation. In OT environments, 5G technology can be used to enable applications such as remote monitoring, real-time data analysis, and predictive maintenance. These applications can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance equipment reliability. In addition, 5G technology enables large-scale device connectivity and data transmission, which is critical for enabling applications such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart manufacturing.

At the same time, with the convergence of OT and IT environments, and the spread of IoT devices, cybersecurity threats are also increasing. As a result, the demand for security technologies that can protect OT environments from cyberattacks is growing rapidly. This includes zero trust concepts, network micro-segmentation, security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint security solutions, and more. In addition, due to the special nature of the OT environment, security solutions specifically for the OT environment are also required, such as industrial firewalls and industrial intrusion detection systems.

The new FortiGate: Seamless convergence of networking, security, and 5G

All in all, with the increasing proliferation of remote locations in the network architecture of OT environments, organizations must support and protect the large volumes of sensitive traffic and data within them while maintaining high availability. Historically, enterprises have opted to stack point security products to meet the unique networking, security, and connectivity needs of these remote locations. However, this traditional workaround often leaves the infrastructure in the network difficult to manage effectively and underperforming, making it increasingly expensive to manage and escalating security risks.

With an all-in-one appliance that combines powerful features such as 5G dual modem, AI-driven security, and zero trust, Fortinet’s new FortiGate products deliver cutting-edge security networking innovations to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments. The FortiGate Rugged 70G with 5G dual modem secures and streamlines existing infrastructure, improving business efficiency and cost savings, even in remote locations where physical access is difficult.

FortiGate Rugged 70G is the first of its kind to incorporate 5G connectivity as a new multi-functional firewall and is another example of the Fortinet Rugged family of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) in its portfolio. It can fully meet the needs of remote OT environment networking, security protection and efficient network connection. The device combines enterprise-grade threat protection with high-performance networking features such as SD-WAN and Zero Trust network access, as well as industry-leading wireless WAN capabilities for high availability

Key benefits of the FortiGate Rugged 70G include:

5G dual modem for seamless, reliable, ultra-high-speed communications, ensuring high availability for critical applications and optimized enhanced network connectivity.

Unmatched secure networking performance with the new fifth-generation Fortinet Secure Processing Unit (SP5) with superior secure computing power and energy efficiency, supporting 8Gbps firewall throughput and 7Gbps IPSec VPN throughput.

The rugged, fanless, compact design provides continuous and reliable operation in harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration.

Industry-leading AI-driven security, based on FortiGuard’s AI-driven security service, protects critical data from sophisticated threats.

“Remote locations and harsh environments are increasingly an important part of business growth and business expansion, but building a secure network connection and protection system for them also presents significant technical and budgetary challenges,” said Pete Finalle, Research Manager for Security and Trust at IDC. Fortinet solutions help users solve these challenges by seamlessly blending networking and rich security features into an all-in-one device that can withstand extreme conditions. Fortinet’s FortiGate with 5G dual-modem capabilities is another Fortinet innovation that provides redundant connectivity to remote locations to ensure high availability and uninterrupted service. ”

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