Quectel officially released the high-end 5G smart module SG560D

Quectel officially released the high-end 5G smart module SG560D

On December 14, Quectel officially released the high-end 5G smart module SG560D, which integrates AI and 5G, and has super computing power, which can meet the needs of 5G+ high computing power industry applications. The development of industry applications such as handheld terminals, smart gateways, industrial cameras, and industry monitoring equipment brings more possibilities.

SG560D will launch multiple frequency band versions to cover global market demand. It is expected that engineering samples will be launched in the first quarter of 2022 for industry application development.


5G+AI, comprehensive computing power reaches 14TOPS/

In the increasingly complex application scenarios of the Internet of Things industry, networked devices need to make faster responses and smarter processing under specific circumstances. This requires the communication module of the device not only to have ultra-high data transmission capabilities, but also to have Powerful data processing capabilities.

Quectel SG560D is a 5G module targeting the high-end market. The high speed, low latency, and large capacity of 5G make it an excellent performance in data transmission. SG560D adopts LGA package, conforms to 3GPP Release 15 specification, supports Sub 6G frequency band, can support 5G NSA and SA two networking modes, and is backward compatible with 4G/3G network, which can achieve full coverage of multiple network standards. picture

This module is developed and designed based on Qualcomm QCM6490. It contains 1 large core clocked at 2.7GHz, 3 large cores clocked at 2.4GHz and 4 small cores clocked at 1.9 GHz. It has a built-in Qualcomm Adreno 642L GPU. Strong AI performance can perform high-speed and high-quality calculation and processing of data. According to estimates, the comprehensive computing power of the SG560D module can reach 14TOPS.

In addition, Quectel’s 5G smart module SG560D is equipped with the Android 11 operating system and supports subsequent upgrades to Android 12/13/14/15, which will bring more “playability” to industry applications.

Support Wi-Fi 6E&DBS, can be connected with PCIe and other interfaces

In addition to cellular communication, the SG560D module also supports Wi-Fi 6E & DBS, Wi-Fi 2×2 MU-MIMO, and Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which further enriches the form of wireless connections and greatly improves the efficiency and reliability of data transmission . At the same time, SG560D also integrates GNSS functions, supports dual-frequency positioning, and meets the needs of fast and precise positioning in different environments.

Through external equipment, the communication module can realize more abundant functions. SG560D 5G smart module integrates feature-rich interfaces, such as PCIe, LCM, camera, touch screen, UART, USB, I2C and I2S audio interfaces, etc., which greatly expands the application in the M2M field.


It is worth mentioning that through the MIPI DSI interface, the SG560D can support a display with a resolution of 2520×1080 and a refresh rate of 144Hz. At the same time, the module also supports 4K H.265/H.264 video codec.

With powerful performance and rich interfaces, the SG560D series can be widely used in smart gateways, CPE, MiFi, MID, PND, POS, routers, data cards, vehicle terminals, smart phones, digital billboards, security and industrial-grade PDAs in the future. And other industries and equipment.


QIAN Penghe, CEO of Quectel, said: The era of AIoT has opened, and the application scenarios of the Internet of Things are still being enriched. The edge computing capabilities of connected devices have become more and more important, as the world’s leading overall Internet of Things solution Supplier, Quectel has created the high-end 5G smart module SG560D, which achieves ultra-high data transmission and processing capabilities through the combination of 5G+AI, and provides a better module choice for the edge computing needs of industry applications. Helping handheld PDA and many other industries to achieve faster and better transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence. “

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