Cisco NCS 5508 Router is an 8-Slot 13 RU chassis that supports industry-leading performance with up to 288 100G non-blocking ports.

The Network Convergence System 5500 Series is a family of routing platforms including fixed and modular chassis. The platform offers high port density, high-performance forwarding, low jitter and the lowest power consumption per Gigabits/sec at a very cost-effective price point.

NCS 5500 series offers an industry-leading density of routed 1/10/40/100G ports for high-scale WAN aggregation. It is designed to efficiently scale across Data Centers, Large Enterprise, Web, Service Provider WAN, and Aggregation Networks.

The NCS 5500 leverages the industry-leading IOS XR Operating System with a full suite of standard layer-2 and layer-3 protocols, plus new features and functions

Cisco NCS 5508 Router Product Picture 

Cisco NCS 5508 RouterCisco NCS 5508 Router

Cisco NCS 5508 Router Specifications

NCS 5501 NCS 5508
Product Description Small form factor designed for pre-aggregation and aggregation at the edges of the data center  leaf-spine data centre/WAN topology.  With extended scale capabilities
Target Deployments Pre-aggregation and aggregation networks
Slots per Chassis Fixed
Rack Size 2 RU
Max Capacity 4.8 Tbps
Size (H x W x D) 30 x 17.30 x 3.45 inches
(76.20 x 43.94 x 8.73 cm)
Weight 55.5 lbs (25.17438 kgs)
Power AC or DC<br>
N+N redundancy<br>
Typical consumption:  1850 Watts
Fans N+1
redundant hot-swappable fan trays
Airflow Front-to-Back or Back-to-Front Airflow
Fabric Architecture 2 Switch Fabric Element (SFE) ASICs
Software IOS XR
System Memory 64GB DRAM
Storage 64GB
Processor Intel 12-Core processor @ 1.6 GHz


Cisco NCS 5508 Router Feature

1, The Network Convergence System 5500 Series modular platforms offers the highest density of 10/40/100G ports forwarding at line rates with low-latency forwarding and lowest power consumption per Gigabit/sec for a fully loaded chassis.

2, The platform is highly reliable and resilient; its architecture is based on redundant route processors, system controllers, fan trays, fabric modules, and power supplies.

3, The platform supports front to back airflow and platinum rated 91% plus efficient power supplies; these when combined with Cisco’s innovative mid-plane less chassis design, results in benefits such as efficient power and cooling, increased mean time between failures and unrestricted scale for future growth.

4, NCS 5500 modular platform has base and scale models of line cards giving network operators the flexibility to choose based on their density, scale and cost needs. The Base version line card supports up to a million routes while the Scale version line card is available to cater to the requirements of multi-million routes and large ACLs. In addition to that, all the line cards have on/off-ASICs buffers to provide deep queuing in case of network congestion.

5, NCS 5500 modular platform runs on Cisco IOS XR operating system, it is 64-bit Linux kernel based highly modular and fully distributed operating system that provides a virtualized environment to independently run system administration and routing functions on separate virtual containers. The IOS XR software also offers features that enable innovations such as automation, telemetry, application hosting, and programmability.

6, Based on the hardware/software attributes and capabilities, NCS 5500 is an ideal platform to the position in data centers, large enterprise, Web and service provider’s WAN, Core and Aggregation networks to achieve efficient performance, highest density, and scale for growth.

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