Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 is Core Power, Combination Cabinet, TP481200B, 220/380Vac Three-Phase, 1200A, 600mm (W) * 600mm (D) * 2000mm (H)

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 Product Overview

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 is a large power supply system for the computer room launched that integrates AC input, rectification, and DC power distribution. The maximum capacity of the system is 1200A, and it adopts 1 U ultra-high-efficiency rectifier module and advanced monitoring unit to provide customers with a -48V DC power supply solution with high reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, and easy maintenance.

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 Product Pictures

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1Huawei TP481200B-N20B1

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1Huawei TP481200B-N20B1

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 Product Specifications

Product type TP481200B-N20C3
System Specification Dimensions 600mm(W)×600mm(D)×2000mm(H)
System output 1200A (2-12×100A rectifier modules)
Cooling mode Natural cooling
Installation mode Floor installation(antistatic floor or ground installation)
Cabling mode Top inlet and top outlet
Maintenance mode Front and rear maintenance
Protection level IP20
AC Distribution Input mode Three phase four/five line mode
Input voltage 260Vac-530Vac, rated: 220/380Vac
Input frequency 45-66Hz, rated: 50Hz/60Hz
Input capacity 1×200A/3P (MCCB)
SPD 20kA/40kA,8/20μs
DC Distribution Output voltage 42-58Vdc, rated: 53.5Vdc
Maximum capacity 72kW/1200A
Battery branch 2×1000A (NT4)
Load branch 4×500A (NT3), 2×400A (NT2), 12×100A (NT00)
SPD 10kA/20kA,8/20μs
Rectifier Input voltage Three-phase input, 260Vac~530Vac ,rated: 220/380Vac
Output voltage -42~-58Vdc,rated: -53.5Vdc
Maximum capacity 6000W(304Vac~530Vac)
Operating temperature -40 ~ +75ºC
Dimension 238mm(W)×378mm(D)×43mm(H)
Weight <6kg
Power factor ≥0.99
THD ≤5%
Controller Model SMU05A
Signal input 4 DI
Alarm output 8 DO
Communication port Ethernet, RS485/232
Storage capacity 50,000 historical records and alarms
Display mode LCD(dimensions: 73.2mm×54.8mm)
Environment Operating temperature -10ºC -+45ºC
Storage temperature -40ºC -+70ºC
Operating humidity 5%-95%(non-condensing)
Altitude 0-4000m

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 Product Features

  • High safety design: The power supply system meets CE and Thiel standards, and the rectifier module meets UL, CE, and TUV standards
  • Ultra-efficient: Equipped with an ultra-efficient 50A rectifier module with a maximum efficiency of 98%
  • High reliability: more than 1000 tests, MTBF more than 500,000 hours
  • High integration: AC and DC integration, can achieve 6000A output in parallel
  • Support battery cell management: improve the reliability of backup power in the equipment room
  • Flexible networking: support IP, RS485/232 and other networking methods, matching the evolution of computer room management
  • Mobile APP: With Huawei NetEco energy network management, you can control the status of the equipment room anytime, anywhere

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 Product Applications

Wireless network central/converge office
Fixed network central/converge office
Enterprise network central office
Data center

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 Product Topology

Huawei TP481200B-N20B1 Application

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