Meanwell ELG-150-36A-3Y Led Driver

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In response to the high competition in the LED lighting market, Meanwell launched the ELG family to provide the best price/performance ratio.

The product planning of ELG family covers 75W~240W in terms of output power, and the input range is 180~295VAC for the whole family.

Meanwell ELG-150-36A-3Y Led Driver General Introduction

The ELG-150-C series, which was first introduced, is a 150W high-voltage constant-current output power supply. This series uses a fanless design with a working efficiency of more than 91%, so it can operate at a temperature of -40 to +70 °C under natural air cooling.

After the introduction of ELG-150-C series (150W), Meanwell Power Supply has been selected by LED lighting market customers due to its excellent performance and high-cost performance.

In order to meet customers’ demand for different output power, ELG family The 100W ELG-100-C series was introduced. The ELG-100-C series still maintains a high-efficiency design of more than 90% and can operate in the casing temperature range of -40~+70°C under natural air-cooling and heat dissipation conditions. With the ELG-150-C series, it provides A variety of output current models, a variety of dimming functions and IP67 protection level, fully meet the design flexibility required for all types of LED lighting design.

At present, ELG series include ELG-75, ELG-100, ELG-150, ELG-200, ELG-240 and ELG-75-C, ELG-100-C, ELG-150-C, ELG-200-C, ELG- Model 240-C, suitable for LED street lights, LED port terminal lighting, LED patio lights, LED plant growth lights and other LED lighting applications and needs to be installed in Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas and other LED lamps application.

Meanwell ELG-150-36A-3Y Led Driver Product Picture

Meanwell ELG-150-36A-3Y Led Driver Datasheet

Brand Meanwell
Model ELG-150-36A
Input voltage 36v
Inrush current 230VACA
Output current 4.17A
Electromagnetic Compatibility 55022
Type Constant pressure + constant current
Input frequency 47-62Hz
Output voltage 36v
Efficiency 90%
Protection level 6
Applicable lamps LED light
Certification UL、 CB、 CE
Warranty 5 years
Output power 150w
Power factor 100
Installation location  External
Operating temperature -40~70℃°C
Dimension L*W*H)219×63×35.5mmmm
Life 24h
Weight 850g
Protection Short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, over current protection

Meanwell ELG-150-36A-3Y Led Driver Additional notes

Constant voltage mode + constant current mode

International universal full range input (up to 305VAC)

Up to 91% efficiency

No-load/standby power consumption <0.5W

Compliant with 6KV surge resistance level (IEC61000-4-5)

Class 2 power supply

HL type LED driver power supply for Class I, Division 2 hazardous area lighting equipment

Suitable for dry, humid, rainy environments

Suitable for all kinds of LED lighting and street lighting applications

Protection function: short circuit / over current / over voltage / over temperature

A variety of types are available:

Type A: IP65 compliant, output voltage and constant current value can be adjusted by internal potentiometer

Type B: Complies with IP67, the output constant current value can be adjusted through the output control line with three-in-one dimming function (0~10VDC, PWM signal, or resistance)

Blank type: IP67 compliant, input/output in wire form

D2 type: Comply with IP67, intelligent timing dimming function*, please contact Meanwell for details.

DA type: in line with IP67, DALI control technology

BE type: Complies with IP67, 3-in-1 dimming function and 15V/400mA auxiliary output (ELG-150 only)

CCC model optional

5-year warranty

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