Meanwell ELG-100-36A-3Y Led Driver

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Meanwell ELG-100-36A-3Y Led Driver of ELG series is an improved model of HLG series. It belongs to LED lighting waterproof power supply with two-stage power factor correction function,

Meanwell ELG-100-36A-3Y Led Driver General Introduction

With constant voltage and constant current working mode, aluminum shell filling and packaging, 6KV surge resistance level (HLG series is 4KV) ). 5G vibration resistance, start at -40 °C, input voltage is 180V ~ 305Vac (HLG series is 90V ~ 305Vac).

The cost performance is higher than the HLG model. Model is divided into basic type (IP67 waterproof), voltage and current can be set (type A) (IP65 waterproof), 0 ~ 10V (HLG series is 1 ~ 10V) / PWM / resistance three-in-one dimming type (B Type) (IP67 waterproof) and smart dimming (D type) (IP67 waterproof), and optional DALI dimming model (DA type) (IP67 waterproof). Applicable to indoor and outdoor LED applications and industrial control applications such as various LED street lamps, and installations in lighting fixtures such as Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.

Meanwell ELG-100-36A-3Y Led Driver Product Picture


Meanwell ELG-100-36A-3Y Led Driver Data Sheet

Product Model ELG-100-36A
Manufacturer number 709-ELG100-36A
Description LED电源 95.76W 36V2.66A IP65 CC + CV adj w/pot
Product Type LED Driver
Brand Mean Well
Work Mode CV + CC
Dimming Without Dimming
Output 95.76 W
Input 180 VAC to 295 VAC
Output Qty 1 Output
Output voltage – channel 1 36 V
Output current – channel 1 2.66 A
Installation-style Chassis
Commercial/medical Commercial
Open frame / closed Enclosed
Product Switching Supplies
Series ELG-100
Unit/weight 750 g

Meanwell ELG-100-36A-3Y Led Driver Additional Description

Input voltage 180 ~ 305VAC

Built-in active PFC (power factor correction) function, power factor >0.9 when the load is greater than or equal to 60%

Up to 90% efficiency

Fully enclosed aluminum alloy casing potting package

Short circuit protection / over current protection / over voltage protection / over temperature protection

International safety certification: UL/CUL/TUV/CE, in line with world lighting safety regulations


No-load loss “0.5W

HL-type LED driver for Class I, Division 2 luminaires in hazardous locations

Type A: IP65 protection, output current and voltage can be adjusted with built-in potentiometer (pre-set)

Type B: IP67 protection, output current can be adjusted by external cable (online voltage dimming, resistance dimming or PWM dimming (three in one dimming))

Type D: IP67 protection, timing dimming machine (requires customization)

Prototype: IP67 protection, input and output are cable wiring

DA type: DALI function (requires customization)

Compliant with 6KV surge resistance level (IEC61000-4-5)

100% full load aging test

Adopt lead-free process and meet environmental RoHS requirements

Taiwan Meanwell brand, produced in Guangzhou factory

5-year warranty

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