Cisco ASR 9010 Router features a fully integrated timing infrastructure, allowing the routers to take in timing inputs,and distribute them over the backplane to each slot. This ability allows extensive support for transparent mobile convergence, mobile Radio Access Network (RAN) backhaul, and Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) circuit emulation, without sacrificing performance or scale.

Cisco ASR 9010 Router is designed to be scalable to support future capacity requirements. Variable-speed high-efficiency fans provide reduced power requirements under normal operating environments while retaining the capability to cool.

Cisco ASR 9010 Router Product Picture

Cisco ASR 9010 RouterCisco ASR 9010 Router

Cisco ASR 9010 Router Datasheet

Cisco ASR 9010
Physical specs Height: 36.75 in. (933.45 mm) (21 RU)
Width: 17.38 in. (441.45 mm)
 With doors: 29.03 in. (737.4 mm)
 Without doors: 28.24 in. (717.3 mm)
 155.6 lb (70.73 kg) (chassis with PEM)
231.6 lb (105.27 kg) (fully loaded, excluding linecards and power modules) – RSP, two v2 fan trays, PEMs
Slot orientation Vertical
Cisco ASR 9000 Series RSP Dual redundant RSPs with integrated fabric in 2 slots
Cisco ASR 9000 Series line cards 8 line-card slots
“Commons” components 2 RSPs
2 fan trays
2 PEMs (either DC or AC)
1 fan filter
Reliability and availability Fabric redundancy
Fan redundancy
Feed redundancy
Power-supply redundancy
RSP redundancy
Software redundancy
Rack mounting 19-in. default
21- and 23-in. adapters available
Note: Minimum 17.75-in. opening between posts is needed for proper operation
Cabinet mounting Yes
Note: Doors not recommended in enclosed cabinets
Wall mounting No
Airflow Front-to-back
Fabric One per RSP:
Active/active nonblocking operation mode in dual-RSP redundant configuration
Fully redundant in dual-RSP redundant configuration
Built-in service-intelligence and traffic-prioritization capability
Thermal Two fan trays:
12 high-efficiency fans per tray
Variable-speed fans for optimal thermal performance
No single point of failure
Modularity Pay-as-you-grow power for future scalability, available in AC and DC.
Multiple power module types:
6 kW and 3 kW AC power modules
4.4 kW and 2.1 kW DC power modules
Note: Mixing of AC and DC modules is not supported
Redundancy AC: N+N redundancy
 DC: N+1 redundancy
Power module redundancy
 A/B Feed redundancy
PEM redundancy
Power zones No power zone restrictions
Fully load-sharing power infrastructure
Power input Worldwide ranging AC (200-240V; 50-60 Hz; 16A maximum)
Worldwide ranging DC (-40 to -72V; 50A nominal, 60A maximum)
Power-module airflow Front-to-back

Cisco ASR 9010 Router Benefits

New Cisco ASR 9000 System: Cisco is further expanding the Cisco ASR 9000 family of products with the new Cisco ASR 9922 router for network edge and high-density 10G and 100G interfaces, as well as the Cisco ASR 9000v for network aggregation.

Together with the Cisco ASR 9010 and Cisco ASR 9006 routers, these new products will enable high-speed commercial and home connectivity, enabling telecom operators to offer new video, mobile and cloud services.

Superior network capacity

With Cisco nV technology, the new Cisco ASR 9000 system delivers industry-leading system power with 96TB of data per second, 36 times that of competing products. This huge bandwidth makes a single Cisco ASR 9000 system.

Supporting up to 84,840 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports, a single Cisco ASR 9000 system can provide a Gigabit Ethernet connection to almost every home in Orlando, Florida, Kowloon City, Hong Kong, or Venice, Italy.

Simplified network operations

The new Cisco ASR 9000 system uses Cisco nV technology to reduce operational costs by up to 70%* (compared to competitors’ edge platforms), enabling companies to achieve a return on investment in less than a year. (*Announced ACG Research Assessment.

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