Fiberhome GMOA is 16-port XG-PON and GPON Combo Card applied for AN6000 OLT series

Fiberhome GMOA Product Overview

GMOA is 16-port XG-PON and GPON combo card, used in the chassis of Fiberhome brand OLT AN6000-7, AN6000-15, AN6000-17, and AN6000-2.

As a next-generation enhanced GPON technology evolved from GPON technology standardized in ITU-T G.984, XGPON caters to the demand for high-bandwidth services. The figure below shows the network structure of XG-PON. Combo PON adopts the new WDM1r technology to achieve optical wave splitting, and one device can meet the bandwidth requirements from high to low of different subscribers in a unified area. The self-adaptation of GPON & XG-PON is realized by inserting different optical modules into each PON port, which is the best choice for ISP companies under the current wave of network upgrades.

Fiberhome GMOA Product Pictures

Fiberhome GMOA for Fiberhome AN6000 OLT series ycictFiberhome GMOA Fiberhome AN6000 OLT series price and specs ycict

Fiberhome GMOA 16-port XG-PON and GPON Combo Card ycictFiberhome GMOA good price new and original ycict

Fiberhome GMOA Product Specifications

Item Descriptions
Model Number Gmoa
Type 16 port gpon olt card
Brand Name Fiberhome
Certification FCC, ce
Product name olt sfp card
MOQ 1 Set
Dimensions 49X32X8 cm
Gross weight 1.8 kg
Operating temperature 0 ~+40
Ports 16ports

Fiberhome GMOA Product Features

  • Smooth upgrade: XGS-PON service cards can replace XG-PON with little configuration change. Accordingly, services can be migrated smoothly.
  • Software and hardware compatibility: Bandwidth can be upgraded without replacing subracks. Various PON service cards can coexist in a subrack.
  • Low power consumption: An XGS-PON card consumes less than 70 W power.
  • Overall protection: Supports backbone fiber protection (Type B) and all-fiber protection (Type C). The switching time is no more than 50 ms
  • Clock and time synchronization with high precision: Uses the system time transfer protocol defined in IEEE 802.1as, and supports synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), IEEE1588 V2 and 1PPS+ToD.
  • Efficient data transmission: Encapsulates all the data to be transmitted into 125 us frames (fixed length frames) with the new XGEM encapsulation structure, which uses fewer transmission overhead bytes and improves the transmission efficiency.

Fiberhome GMOA Product Applications

Fiberhome GMOA GMOA XG PON service board ycict

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