Huawei CE6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch is located in high-density 10G access in the data center, helping enterprises and operators to build data center network platforms for the cloud computing era, and can also be used for the core or aggregation of campus networks.

Huawei CE6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch Product Overview

Huawei CloudEngine 6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch is Huawei’s next-generation high-performance, high-density, low-latency 10GE/25GE Ethernet switches for data centers and high-end campuses. Huawei CloudEngine 6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch adopts an advanced hardware structure to provide high-density 10GE/25GE port access and supports 40GE/100GE uplink ports. It supports rich data center features and high-performance stacking, and the air duct direction can be flexibly selected.

Huawei CE6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch  Product Pictures

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Huawei CE6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch Specifications

Items CloudEngine 6881-48S6CQ CloudEngine 6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI
Downlink Ports 48 x 10 GE SFP+ 24 x 10 GE SFP+
Uplink Ports 6 x 40/100 GE QSFP28 4 x 40 GE QSFP+ and 2 x 40 GE/100 GE QSFP28
Switching Capacity 2.16 Tbit/s 1.2 Tbit/s
Forwarding Rate 940 Mpps 406 Mpps
Buffer 42 MB 16.5 MB
Reliability LACP
Hardware-based BFD
O&M Telemetry Telemetry
Netstream Netstream
Data Center Features VXLAN routing and bridging VXLAN routing and bridging
iStack1 and M-LAG iStack1 and M-LAG
SFC IETF-defined NSH
Maximum Power Consumption 380 W 224 W
Power Supply AC: 600 W AC: 600 W
DC: 350 W
Operating Voltage AC: 90 V to 290 V AC: 90 V to 290 V
DC: -38.4 V to -72 V

Huawei CE6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch Features

  • CloudEngine 6881 series provide up to 48 x 10GE ports, allowing for high-density 10GE server access and smooth evolution.
  • CloudEngine 6881 series provide up to 6 x 100GE QSFP28 ports. Each QSFP28 port can also be used as one 40GE QSFP+ port, providing flexibility in networking. The uplink 40GE/100GE ports can be connected to CloudEngine 16800 or CloudEngine 12800 series switches to build a non-blocking network platform.
  • A stack system of 16 member switches has a maximum of 768 x 10GE access ports that provide high-density server access in a data center.
  • Multiple switches in a stack system are virtualized into one logical device, making it possible to build a scalable and easyto-manage data center network platform.
  • A stack system separates the control plane from the data plane. This eliminates the risk of single points of failure and greatly improves system reliability.
  • CloudEngine 6881 series can use service ports as stack ports. A stack system can be established with switches in the same rack or different racks, and even over long distances.
  • Service and stack bandwidths can be allocated based on the network scale to ensure that network resources are used more efficiently.
  • CloudEngine 6881 series support multichassis link aggregation group (M-LAG), which enables links of multiple switches to aggregate into one to implement device-level link backup.
  • Switches in an M-LAG system all work in active state to share traffic and back up each other, enhancing system reliability.
  • Switches in an M-LAG system can be upgraded independently. During the upgrade, other switches in the system take over traffic forwarding to ensure uninterrupted services.
  • M-LAG supports dual-homing to Ethernet, VXLAN, and IP networks, allowing for flexible networking

Huawei CE6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch Ordering Info

CE6881-48S6CQ CE6881-48S6CQ switch (48*10G SFP+, 6*100G QSFP28, without fan and power modules)
CE6881-48S6CQ-B CE6881-48S6CQ-B switch (48*10G SFP+, 6*100G QSFP28, 2*AC power modules, 4*fan modules, port-side intake)
CE6881-48S6CQ-F CE6881-48S6CQ-F switch (48*10G SFP+, 6*100G QSFP28, 2*AC power modules, 4*fan modules, port-side exhaust)
Fan Tray
Model Description
FAN-031A-F Fan box (F,FAN panel side intake)
FAN-031A-B Fan box (B,FAN panel side exhaust)
Model Description
PAC600S12-CF 600W AC Power Module(Front to Back,Power panel side intake)
PAC600S12-CB 600W AC Power Module(Back to Front, Power panel side exhaust)
N1-CE68LIC-CFMM N1-CloudFabric Management SW License for CloudEngine 6800(N1-CE68LIC-CFMM software is applicable to Non-SDN scenario, includes basic software functions and VXLAN)
N1-CE68CFMM-SnS1Y N1-CE68CFMM-SnS1Y,N1-CloudFabric Management SW License for CloudEngine 6800
N1-CE68LIC-CFFD N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 6800 (N1-CE68LIC-CFFD software is
applicable to single DC scenarios, includes basic software functions, VXLAN, and
Telemetry,Agile Controller-DCN management of each fixed device,Fabricinsight Intelligent network analysis basic function)
N1-CE68CFFD-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 6800-SnS-1 Year (The annual fee for the CloudFabric N1 package )
N1-CE68LIC-CFAD N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 6800 (N1-CE68LIC-CFAD software is applicable to multiple DC scenarios, includes all the functions of the N1-CE68LIC-CFFD software package and NSH function)
N1-CE68CFAD-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine -SnS -1 Year (The annual fee for the CloudFabric N1 package)

Huawei CE6880-24S4Q2CQ-EI Switch Product Applications

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