Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch is a new generation of high-performance, high-density, low-latency 40GE Ethernet switches for data centers and high-end campuses.

Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch Product Overview

Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch provides high-density 40GE QSFP+ ports, and supports rich data center features and high-performance stacking. This helps enterprises and operators build data center network platforms for the cloud computing era. Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI is located at the core or aggregation of the data center and can also be used for the core or aggregation of the campus network. CloudEngine 7800 series support multiple data center features: Priority-based Flow Control (PFC), Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS) and Data Center Bridging eXchange (DCBX). These features ensure low latency and zero packet loss for FC storage and high-speed computing services.

Users or third-party developers can use open APIs to develop and deploy specialized network management policies to implement extension of fast service functions, automatic deployment, and intelligent management. The OPS also implements automatic operation and maintenance, and reduces management costs

Additionally, Huawei CloudEngine 7855-32Q-EI Switch can work with the CloudEngine 16800/CloudEngine 12800/CloudEngine 6800/CloudEngine 5800, which is a flexible, simple, open, and secure cloud data center network.

Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch Product Pictures

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Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Model CloudEngine 7855-32Q-EI
Dimensions (W × D ×H ,mm) 442*607*43.6
Physical Features Weight (excluding optical modules, power modules, and fan assemblies / including AC power modules and fan assemblies, excluding optical modules ,kg) 8.6/11.2
Switching capacity(Tbits/s) 2.56
Forwarding performance(Mpps) 1440
Ports 32 *40GE QSFP+
Card Number of card slot 1
Card type Fixed Switch
Management Out-of-band management port 1*GE management interface
interface Console port 1*RJ45 serial interface
USB port 1
CPU Main frequency(HZ) 1.5G
Number of cores 4
Storage RAM 4GB
NOR Flash 16MB
NAND Flash 1GB
System System buffer 16MB
Power Supply Power modules 600W AC/ -48V DC 600W
System Rated voltage range(V) 100V to 240V AC/-48V to -60V DC
Maximum voltage range(V) 90V to 290V AC/-38.4V to -72V DC
Maximum input current AC 600W:100V to 240V 9A
-48V DC 600W :-48V to -60V 20A
Typical power 262W(100% traffic load, copper cable, normal temperature, dual power modules)
Maximum power (W) 444
Frequency (AC ,HZ) 50/60
Item CloudEngine 7855-32Q-EI
Heat Dissipation Heat dissipation mode Air cooling
Number of fan trays 2
Heat dissipation airflow Front-to-back or back-to-front airflow
Maximum heat consumption 1515
Environment specifications Long-term operating temperature(℃) 0 to 40℃(0-1800m)
The temperature decreases by 1℃ each time the altitude increases by 220 m.
Storage temperature(℃) -40 to +70℃
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
Operating altitude(m) Up to 5000
Sound power at 27°C (dBA) Front-to-back airflow: < 64
Back-to-front airflow: < 65
Sound power at 40°C (dBA) Front-to-back airflow: < 84
Back-to-front airflow: < 83
Sound pressure at 27°C (dBA) Front-to-back airflow: 50 in average
(maximum: 54)
Back-to-front airflow: 51 in average
(maximum: 55 )
Surge protection AC power supply protection: 6 kV in common mode and 6 kV in differential mode
Reliability MTBF (year) 49.81
MTTR (hour) 1.81
Availability 0.999995844

Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch Product Features

  • High-density 40GE convergence, superior capacity

2.56Tbps switching capacity (1U); 1440Mpps forwarding performance, L2/L3 full line-rate forwarding;

Provides 32 40GE QSFP+ interfaces that can serve as the core or aggregation switch for data center and campus networks;

The QSFP+ interface can be split into 10GE SFP+ interfaces to provide flexible networking capabilities and build a non-blocking network platform with the CE12800/CE6800/CE5800 series.

  • Highly reliable long-distance stacking for superior performance

16 stacking technologies:

16 switch stacks provide up to 512 40GE access ports to meet high-density server access requirements in data centers;

Virtualize multiple devices into one logical device to build a scalable, manageable data center network platform;

Stacking system realizes redundant backup of control plane and data plane, avoiding the risk of a single point of failure and greatly enhancing system reliability

  • Fusion enhanced Ethernet, unified bearer
  • Supports FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) to implement unified hosting of storage services, data services, and computing services, reducing customer network construction costs and maintenance costs.

The centralized FCoE/FC gateway deployment solution, the Ethernet access device does not need to participate in the calculation of the FC protocol, and it is compatible with the current FC SAN, which reduces the operation and maintenance complexity;

Support data centers such as PFC, ETS, and DCBX with no packet loss, meeting the low latency and no packet loss requirements of FC storage services and high-performance computing services.

Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch Ordering Info

CE7855-32Q-EI CE7855-32Q-EI Switch (32-Port 40GE QSFP+, Without Fan and Power Module)
CE7855-EI-F-B00 CE7855-32Q-EI Switch (32-Port 40GE QSFP+, 2*AC Power Module,
2*FAN Box, Port-side Exhaust)
CE7855-EI-B-B00 CE7855-32Q-EI Switch (32-Port 40GE QSFP+, 2*AC Power Module,
2*FAN Box, Port-side Intake)
Fan box
Part Number Product Description
FAN-40HA-F Fan box (HA, Front to Back, FAN panel side intake)
FAN-40HA-B Fan box (HA, Back to Front, FAN panel side exhaust)
Part Number Product Description
PAC-600WA-F 600W AC Power Module (Front to Back, Power panel side intake)
PAC-600WA-B 600W AC Power Module (Back to Front, Power panel side exhaust)
PDC600S12-CF  600W DC Power Module(Front to Back,Power panel side intake)
PDC600S12-CB  600W DC Power Module(Back to Front,Power panel side exhaust)
CE78-LIC-BUN01 CloudEngine 7800 Function License Bundle 1
CE78-LIC-TLM CE7800 Telemetry Function
N1-CE78LIC-CFFD N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 7800
N1-CE78CFFD-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 7800-SnS-1 Year
N1-CE78LIC-CFAD N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 7800
N1-CE78CFAD-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 7800-SnS-1 Year

Huawei CE7855-32Q-EI Switch Product Applications

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