Huawei CR5D00LAXF91 is 10 Port 10GE/GE LAN/WAN SFP+ MACsec Physical Interface Card (PIC)

Huawei CR5D00LAXF91 Product Pictures

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Huawei CR5D00LAXF91 price and specs ycictHuawei CR5D00LAXF91 price and specs ycict

Huawei CR5D00LAXF91 Product Specifications

Basic function Supports the line-rate receiving and transmitting on ten 10GE/GE interfaces
Supports SFP+/SFP optical modules on the interfaces
Working mode Full-duplex
Frame format Ethernet_II, Ethernet_SAP and Ethernet_SNAP
Standards compliance IEEE 802.3
Breakout supported No
Interface rate auto-sensing supported Supports GE/10GE auto-sensing
Ambient temperature Long terms: -40°C to 65°C(-40°F to 149°F)
Dimensions(mm) 19.8 (H)x 193.8 (W) x 209.3 (D)
Weight(kg) 0.8
Power consumption (typical value)(W) 32.6

Huawei CR5D00LAXF91 Product and More Models

03033BLN CR5D00LAXF91 10-Port 10GE/GE LAN/WAN-SFP+ MACsec Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033BLK CR5D00E4XM25 4-Port 25GE(SFP28)/10GE(SFP+) MACsec Physical Interface Card (PIC)
03033GDR CR5D0E5XMF94 2-Port 50GBase/1-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 FlexE MACsec  Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033GDS CR5DE2NE4X14 2-Port 100GBase/50GBase-QSFP28 FlexE MACsec Interface Card(PIC)
03033FXE CR5D00EAGF95 10-port 100/1000Base-X-SFP MACsec Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033GGD CR5D000DE1C1 16-Port E1 Physical Interface Card(PIC,75ohm/120ohm)
03033GGE CR5D00P4CFC1 4-Port OC-3c/STM-1c POS-SFP Flexible Interface Card(PIC)
03033GGF CR5D00C4CFC1 4-Port Channelized STM-1c POS-SFP Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033GMU CR5D00EEGF73 20-Port 100/1000Base-X-CSFP/10-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP  Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033FXF CR5D00L4XF91 4-Port 10GE(SFP+)/GE(SFP) MACsec Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033HAF CR5D00E1NC97 1-Port 100GE/ 1-Port 200GE CFP2 Physical Interface Card(PIC) (Enable 1*100GE by default)
03033GFJ CR5D00EAGF96 10-port 100/1000Base-X-SFP MACsec Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03032TGR CR2D000SA890 8-Channel V.35/X.21/V.24 Board
03032TGS CR2D00MP8A90 4 Channels C37.94 Optical Interface and 4 Channels CoDir64K Electric Interface Board
03032TGP CR2D00MPAA90 4-Channel FXS/FXO+2-Channel E&M+2-Channel RS232+2- Channel RS485 Board
03032VFA CR2D000EM890 6 Channes E&M Interface Board
03033VMB CR8D00L4XFC1 4-Port 10G-SFP+ Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033VMC CR8DE1NE2VC1 2-Port 50GBase/1-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Physical Interface Card(PIC)
03033VME CR8D00E4YBC1 4-Port 25GE-SFP28 Physical Interface Card (PIC)
03030QCQ CR2D000IE110 32-Port E1 Physical Interface Card(75ohm)
03030QCP CR2D000IE111 32-Port E1 Physical Interface Card(120ohm)
03030RFA CR2D000DE110 16-Port E1 Physical Interface Card(75ohm)
03030REY CR2D000DE111 16-Port E1 Physical Interface Card(120ohm)
03031DHB CR2D00E8GE12 8-Port 100/1000Base-RJ45 Physical Interface Card
03031DJK CR2D00EAGF10 10-Port 100/1000Base-X-SFP Physical Interface Card
03033YLL CR8D00P8CFC1 8-Port STM-1c/8-Port STM-4c POS Card (PIC)(Default Enable 4*STM-1c)

Huawei CR5D00LAXF91 Product Applications

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