Huawei EGS Board is 4-port Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet board for Huawei Metro 1000 optical transceiver

Huawei EGS Board Product Pictures

Huawei EGS Board price and specs ycictHuawei EGS Board new and original ycict

Huawei EGS Board price and specs for metro1000 ycictHuawei EGS Board good price newly original ycict

Huawei EGS Board Product Features

  • The configuration of the OptiX Metro 1000 is quite flexible. Each network element can be configured as a single STM-1/4 TM or ADM system, or as a multi-ADM system with STM-1 and STM-4 interface combinations, and can realize cross-connection between multiple systems; When accessing data services, the transmission bandwidth and Ethernet ports can be flexibly configured according to the user’s demand for bandwidth, and the user’s demand for bandwidth can be met without adding ports and boards.
  • OptiX Metro 1000 can provide a variety of networking methods and support a variety of network topology, including point-to-point, chain, ring, ring and belt chain, intersecting ring, tangent ring, mesh shape, etc.
  • OptiX Metro 1000 supports a variety of network-level protection methods, including MSP protection mode, SNCP protection mode, PP protection mode, shared optical virtual path protection mode, clock protection, 1+1 protection of power supply unit and other device-level protection methods.
  • It can transmit DCC information of our equipment through the external clock port; Support DCC to transmit network management information of other companies’ transmission equipment; You can also connect the network management interface to the Ethernet interface board to transmit network management information.
  • OptiX Metro 1000 and OptiX series products adopt a unified network management platform for centralized operation, maintenance and management (OAM) to realize circuit configuration and scheduling to ensure network security operation.
  • The OptiX Metro 1000 cell clock has complete SSM management capabilities. Its external synchronization port can directly receive the synchronization information of the external timing device, the output port also has SSM, and can flexibly set the bit where the SSM is located in the external 2048kbit/s signal, and can manually set its SSM information for the external input 2MHz signal, easy to connect with other manufacturers’ equipment, in addition, the SSM threshold of each network element can be set to facilitate the management of the synchronization network.
  • The advanced high-precision crystal is used as the internal oscillation source, and the special clock processing chip is used to ensure that its technical indicators fully meet the requirements recommended by ITU-T G.813. The timing system operates in track, hold, and free oscillation modes. The timing system provides SSM functionality. When working in tracking mode, one of the line, branch, and external clock synchronization sources can be arbitrarily selected as the reference clock source; Through the clock selection function of various priority levels, the reliable operation of the network timing system is guaranteed.

Huawei EGS Board Product Applications

Huawei EGS Board price and specs for metro 1000 ycict

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