Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power


Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power supply Huawei includes accessories (input and output lines and grounding wire) 48V communication power ETP4830 dual-module 30A support external battery pack with LCD display。

Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power Product Overview

Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power is a -48v embedded communication power supply system, which is mainly used in wireless base stations, access networks, transmission networks, corporate communication networks and other fields as communication power. etp4830-a1 output voltage: dc-48v, output current: 30a, maximum output power: 2000w. 1u high design, suitable for 19-inch rack or embedded cabinet installation.

Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power Product Picture

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Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power Product Specifications

ModelETP4830 A1
Cooling methodNatural cooling
Installation method19-inch rack or embedded cabinet installation
Route wayForward line
Maintenance methodFront operation, front maintenance, support module-level replacement
Protection classip20
AC power distribution
Input modeSingle-phase / three-phase / dual firewire
Input voltage220vac / 110vac
Input frequency45 ~ 66hz, rated value: 50hz / 60hz
Lightning protection5ka / 10ka, 8 / 20us
DC power distribution
output voltage42 ~ 58v dc, rated value: 53.5v dc
Maximum power2kw (2 × 1000w)
Battery branch1 × 20a (fuse)
Load branch2 × 20a (fuse)
Operating ambient temperature-40℃~+70℃
storage temperature-40℃~+70℃
Operating environment humidity5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power Product Feature

  • 85 ~ 300vac ultra-wide AC voltage input range
  • Operating temperature range of rectifier module reaches -40 ~ + 75 ℃
  • Support hot plug technology, convenient installation and maintenance
  • Standard installation structure design, strong versatility
  • Compact power supply structure saves space and installation costs
  • High-efficiency rectifier module efficiency over 96%, energy-saving and emission reduction
  • Complete module sleep function to further improve system efficiency
  • Intelligent battery management and battery protection to extend battery life
  • Supports environmental monitoring and remote management via dry contacts, serial ports or network interfaces

Huawei ETP4830 A1 Power Product Applications

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