SIMCom R800C 2G Module is a Quad-Band GSM/GPRS module in LCC type supporting GPRS up to 85.6kbps data transfer

SIMCom R800C 2G Module Product Overview

The module has strong extension capability with abundant interfaces including UART, USB2.0, GPIO etc. Meanwhile it provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customer’s applications. R800C adopts LCC form factor and is compatible with SIM800C, which greatly facilitates more compatible product design for the customer needs. Thanks to its unique combination of performance, security and flexibility, SIMCom R800C 2G Module is ideally suited for many applications, such as smart meter, security, remote diagnostics etc.

SIMCom R800C 2G Module Product Pictures

SIMCom R800C 2G Module price and specs ycictSIMCom R800C 2G Module R800C price and specs ycict

SIMCom R800C 2G Module price and specs ycictSIM7500JC-PCIE price and specs good price cat1 mini pcie ycict

SIMCom R800C 2G Module Product Specifications

Brand SIMCom
Model R800C
Form Factor LCC 42Pin
Dimensions(mm) 17.6*15.7*2.3mm
Weight 1.3±0.1g
Supply voltage range  3.4 ~ 4.4V
Operation temperature  -40℃ ~ +85℃
Frequency Bands • Frequency Bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz
• GPRS multi-slot class 12/10
Interfaces • Analog audio interface• UART• (U)SIM card(1.8V/3V )• RTC• ADC• GPIO• Antenna: GSM
Specifications for SMS via GSM/GPRS • Point to point MO and MT• SMS cell broadcast• Text and PDU mode
Specifications for GPRS Data • GPRS class 12: Uplink/Downlink up to 85.6Kbps• PBCCH support• Coding schemes CS 1, 2, 3, 4• PPP-stack• USSD
Software Features • 0710 MUX protocol• Embedded TCP/UDP protocol• FTP/HTTP/MQTT/NTP• LBS*• SSL/TLS*• TTS*• EAT*
Certifications • 3C/SRRC/NAL• CE/FCC

SIMCom R800C 2G Module Product Features

  • Small size dual-band GSM/GPRS module
  • LCC form factor, compatible with SIM800C
  • Low Power consumption
  • Embedded TCP/UDP protocols

SIMCom R800C 2G Module and More 2G models

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SIMCom R800C 2G Module Product Applications

SIMCom R800C 2G Module price and specs ycict

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