SIMCom SIM7500SA-PCIE Module is a LTE Cat 1 module with LTE-TDD/ LTE-FDD/HSPA+/GSM/GPRS/EDGE etc and maximum 10Mbps downlink rate and 5Mbps uplink rate.

SIMCom SIM7500SA-PCIE Module Product Overview

It adopts mini PCIE form factor, and supports LTE-TDD/ LTE-FDD/HSPA+/GSM/GPRS/EDGE etc, delivering maximum 10Mbps downlink rate and 5Mbps uplink rate. At the same time, it integrates multiple built-in network protocols and supports drivers for main operation systems (USB driver for Windows, Linux and Android etc.) and software function. More than it. SIM7500SA-PCIE Module integrates main industrial standard interfaces, with powerful expansibility, including abundant interfaces such as UART, USB, GPIO. AT commands are compatible with SIM7600/SIM7600-H series modules. Thus, it is suitable for main IoT applications such as telematics, surveillance devices and remote diagnostics etc.

SIMCom SIM7500SA-PCIE Module Product Pictures

SIMCom SIM7500V-PCIE Module price and specs cat1 mini pcie ycictSIMCom SIM7500SA-PCIE Module CAT1 PRICE AND SPECS YCICT

SIMCom SIM7500JE LGA Module Price and specs LTE Cat 1 max 10Mbps DL rate and 5Mbps UL rate SIMCom ycictSIMCom SIM7500V-PCIE Module ycict mini pcie ycict

SIMCom SIM7500SA-PCIE Module Product Specifications

Brand SIMCom
Product SIM7500SA-PCIE
Form Factor Mini PCIE
Dimensions(mm) 50.8*30*5.35
Frequency Bands LTE-FDD B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B28
Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
GNSS Optional
Electrical Features
Supply Voltage(V) 3.0~ 3.6
Power Consumption(mA) LTE 1.6
LTE(Mbps) 10(DL)/5(UL)
HSPA+(Mbps) 42(DL)/5.76(UL)
WCDMA(Kbps) 384(DL)/384(UL)
Android RIL Android 5.0/6.0/
USB Driver Microsoft Windows
MBIM Win8/Win10
NDIS Linux/Windows 7/8/10
Firmware Upgrade USB
SIM Card 1.8V/3.0V
Regulatory CE-REDACMANCCRoHS REACHDeutsche Telekom

SIMCom SIM7500SA-PCIE Module Product Features

  • Multi-constellation GNSS receiver support*
  • Mini-PCIE interface with strong compatibility
  • Abundant software functions: FOTA, LBS, TLS, VoLTE*
  • Suitable for LTE, UMTS and GSM networks with global coverage
  • AT commands of the SIM7500-PCIE series are compatible with the SIM7600/SIM7600-H series modules

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SIMCom SIM7500SA-PCIE Module Product Applications

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