12 new SIMCom products are coming

12 new SIMCom products are coming

SIMCom’s 20 new heavyweight products were unveiled this year, and the 5G module is the flagship product among them. At the scene, SIMCom’s vice president Luo Xiaoyan gave a detailed interpretation of the characteristics, advantages, and applications of the LPWA/5G/car/LTE-A module series. At the same time, he also pointed out: “The company has existing Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Five major R&D centers in Shenyang. Relying on our unique R&D advantages, we have a full range, full-standard, full-category product and more than 1,500 patents in the field of wireless communication, which can meet various 5G IoT needs of enterprises, solve everyone’s pain points, and help accelerate economic digitization Transformation.”
Some of the blockbuster new products released this time include-
Cost-effective LPWA module series E7025/Y7025-domestic core, ultra-low power consumption, abundant production capacity, used in smart fire protection, smart street lights, asset management, wireless meter reading, low-speed tracking and smart breeding and other fields.


Cost-effective smart module SIM8908-a new high-performance smart module, 11nm advanced technology, lower power consumption, quad-core 2.0GHz A53 architecture, nearly 0.2TOPS computing power, can be applied to vehicle terminals, vehicle smart rearview mirrors, Intelligent sweeping robots, industrial handheld PDAs and industrial tablets, etc.


High-performance smart module SIM8970-a new generation of AI smart module, integrated high-performance graphics engine, can smoothly play 4K video, support multi-camera recording, 11nm advanced technology, lower power consumption. Products can be widely used in industries such as wireless smart payment, smart home, smart robots, smart cities, and after-installation of vehicles.


5G smart module SIM9350——The processor adopts 8nm FinFET process, built-in 64bit ARMV8 core, Kryo 460 high-performance processor, supports NSA and SA networking modes, integrates L1+L5 GPS dual-frequency positioning and 2×2 Wi-Fi high-speed transmission . Used in 5G entertainment live broadcast boxes, VR Camera, smart robots, video surveillance, security surveillance, vehicle-mounted equipment, police walkie-talkies, industrial flat panels, drones and other products.

Rel.16 5G module series SIM8282X/SIM8262X-fully supports 3GPP Rel-16 standard protocol, providing upgraded products for large bandwidth and low latency industry applications. Used for CPE, MIFI, DTU, etc.


For the IoT 5G industrial module SIM8210C-for the segmented IoT vertical market, providing a new generation of cost-effective 5G industrial module products. Used for private network CPE, DTU, etc.


Vehicle-level 5G+V2X module SIM8800-used in vehicle-mounted front-mounted vehicle-level application T-BOX, domain gateway, shark antenna product terminal to ensure safety, stability, and reliability.


Cost-effective LTE Cat 4 module series A7600/A7608X-used in routers, gateways, advertising machines, live video, network cameras and other high-bandwidth scenarios.


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