Brocade 57-1000332-01 32G is 32Gb/s LWL (10 km) SFP+ Optimized, Certified Optical Transceivers for Data Center Network Connectivity Fibre Channel: 8.5Gb/s, 14.025Gb/s, and 28.05Gb/s line speed, full duplex; auto-sensing of 8Gb/s, 14Gb/s, and 28Gb/s port speeds

Brocade 57-1000332-01 32G Product Overview

Brocade 57-1000332-01 32G Long Wavelength (LWL) 10 km SFP+, part of the Brocade family of Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers, is optimized to fully leverage the Brocade 32Gb/s director and switch products. Brocade LWL SFPs extend native Fibre Channel and mainframe over distance, enabling high-performance disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.
Brocade LWL SFPs are the standard choice for use in mainframe environments, connecting to IBM System z channels and FICON devices over distance for business continuity and disaster recovery. Together with Brocade switching products, 32Gb/s LWL SFPs and single-mode fiber provide enterprises with state-of-the-art performance and availability, helping IT organizations achieve new levels of infrastructure consolidation, security, and uptime while expanding the capabilities of their applications and services.

Brocade 57-1000332-01 32G Product Picture

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Brocade 57-1000332-01 32G Product Specifications

 Performance  Fibre Channel: 8.5Gb/s, 14.025Gb/s, and 28.05Gb/s line speed,
full duplex; auto-sensing of 8Gb/s, 14Gb/s, and 28Gb/s port
Media  Hot-pluggable, industry-standard SFP+, duplex LC connector
 Operating Parameters  Transmit (Tx):
• Wavelength: 1295 nm to 1325 nm
• Spectral width: 1.0 nm
• Average power: –5.0 dBm to 2.0 dBm
• RIN: –130 dB/Hz max
• OMA: 631 μW min
Receive (Rx):
• Average power: 2 dBm max
• Optical return loss: 26 dB min
• Unstressed sensitivity: 72 μW, –11.4 dBm
 Size  Width: 14.80 mm (0.58 inches)
Height: 11.85 mm (0.47 inches)
Depth: 56.50 mm (2.22 inches)
Storage Temperature –40°C to 85°C (–40°F to 185°F
 Power Dissipation 1.5W
North America UL/CSA 60950, CDRH Class 1
 European Union  EN 60950, EN 60825 Class 1

Brocade 57-1000332-01 32G Product Features

  • Provide high system reliability through rigorous qualification and certification processes.
  • Leverages unique design parameters to provide the highest performance with industry-leading Brocade switch and director platforms to support business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Help eliminate issues related to SFP incompatibility, reducing downtime and support costs.
  • Help eliminate issues resulting from unexpected design changes, providing ongoing end-to-end compatibility.
  • Optimizes connectivity with Brocade platforms to enable maximum cable distance.
  • Extend Fibre Channel connectivity over distance in enterprise environments, enabling high-performance business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Ensure reliable FICON connectivity, interoperability, and architectural adherence between IBM Z mainframes and Brocade SAN products and storage devices.

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Brocade 57-1000332-01 32G Product Applications