Cisco AIR-AP4800- x-K9 is highly versatile and delivers the most functionality of an access point in the industry. This model extends the rich capabilities of the Aironet portfolio to deliver superior performance, best-in-class security, detailed analysis, and accurate positioning. You can get more robust security and data analysis without sacrificing the performance of your wireless network.

Cisco AIR-AP4800- x-K9 Product Introduction

Cisco AIR-AP4800-x-K9 expands the current rich capabilities of our current Aironet portfolio (with features like built-in Flexible Radio Assignment and Bluetooth Low Energy [BLE]) and adds a fourth internal radio to offer rich performance and location and security analytics. With more radios inserted in the access point, the wireless network achieves higher security and data analysis without degrading performance

Cisco AIR-AP4800- x-K9 Product Picture

Cisco AIR-AP4800- x-K9Cisco AIR-AP4800- x-K9

Cisco AIR-AP4800- x-K9 Datasheet

Access Point for indoor environments, with internal antennas AIR-AP4800-x-K9 Dual-band, controller-based 802.11a/g/n/ac


One 2.4 GHz/5 GHz flexible radio, one 5 GHz radio, and one special analytics radio.


One 2.4 GHz/5 GHz flexible radio, one 5 GHz radio, and one special analytics radio.


One 2.4 GHz/5 GHz flexible radio, one 5 GHz radio, and one special analytics radio.

Theoretical connection rate: 2.6 Gbps per radio band

Support for second-generation 802.11ac technology

Dual-band mode: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz or dual 5 GHz; supports Smart Radio Role Assignment (FRA) to dynamically optimize performance based on network conditions

Radio design: 4×4 multi-user multiple input multiple outputs (MU-MIMO) supporting three spatial streams

Dynamic bandwidth selection technology with a maximum channel width of 160 MHz

Cisco AIR-AP4800- x-K9 Features

Instant network analysis

Intelligent Capture probes the network grabs packets and provides deep analysis data to the Cisco DNA Center. This software feature tracks more than 240 anomalies and mimics the on-site network administrator’s ability to instantly check all packets as needed. With Intelligent Capture, you can make more targeted decisions about your wireless network.

Problem detection

A radio band of the Aironet 4800 is specifically designed to provide security and effectively prevent malicious agents from attempting to gain access to your network. This dedicated radio band continuously monitors the wireless network for any content that could pose a threat or affect performance.

Built-in high-precision positioning function

When used in conjunction with Operational Insights, the integrated radio band for high-precision positioning functions monitors and tracks devices within 3 meters, providing granular data. With high-precision positioning, employees and visitors can use the app to get indoor pathfinding and navigation.

4 built-in radio bands

Why does the Aironet 4800 require 4 radio bands built in? This design allows this wireless access point to provide real-time analysis, navigation, and high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity while protecting the network.

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