Fiber Patch Cable is a length of fiber cable that terminated with fiber optic connectors (LC, SC, MTRJ, ST and etc.) at each end.

Fiber Patch Cable Product Overview

Patch cord (also known as optical fiber connector) refers to the connector plug installed at both ends of the optical cable to realize the active connection of the optical path; If a plug is installed at one end, it is called a pigtail. Optical Fiber Patch Cord/Cable is similar to coaxial cable, except that there is no mesh shield. In the center is a glass core where light propagates. In multimode optical fiber, the diameter of the core is 50μm ~ 65μm, which is roughly the thickness of human hair. The diameter of single-mode fiber core is 8μm~10μm. The core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core to keep the fiber inside the core. Outside is a thin plastic jacket to protect the envelope.
Based on different specifications and standards, the common fiber patch cords can be categorified from the perspective of fiber cable mode, transmission mode, jacket type, connector type, and polishing type.
Polishing Type: PC, UPC or APC
Connector Type: LC, SC, ST or Others
Jacket Type: PVC or LSZH
Number of Fiber Strands: Simplex or Duplex
Fiber Cable Mode: Single Mode or Multimode

Fiber Patch Cable Product Pictures

patch cord fc sc lc st price and specs ycictpatch cord fiber optic cord price and specs ycict

Patch cord price and specs sc upc ycictPatch cord price and specs upc apc single mode ycict

Fiber Patch Cable Product Specifications

Connector SC,FC,LC,ST,MU,E2000
Insertion Loss(max) ≤0.30dB ≤0.25dB ≤0.30dB
Return Loss(min) ≥50 dB ≥35 dB ≥60 dB
Tensile Strength >300N
Durability <0.20 dB typical change, 1000 matings
Repeatability ≤0.1dB
Storage , Operating Temperature [°C] -40~+85
PC End-face APC End-face
Radius of Curvature SC/FC/ST 10~25 mm 5~12 mm
LC/MU 7~25 mm 5~15 mm
Apex Offset ≤50 um
Fiber Spherical Height +/- 50 nm
Angular Offset        —— 8°± 0.2°

 Clean and Scratch-Free End Face
 Proportional geometric test is applied to the normal production.
 100% interferometer check is available under special requirement.

Fiber Patch Cable Product Features

  • The unit fiber is from 1.2mm to 2.8mm simplex cable.
  • Meets Telcordia GR-326 Core and ROHS requirements.
  • The connector could be SC,FC,LC,ST,MU,E2000 etc.
  • The cable could be G652D,G655,G657,OM1,OM2,OM3 etc.
  • Fiber count:……
  • Application: Fiber CATV, Fiber Cabling system, LAN,FTTH

Fiber Patch Cable Product Applications

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