Fiberhome O622 STM-4 Board is  interface Board for SDH  Transmission Equipment

Fiberhome O622 STM-4 Board Product Overview

Fiberhome O622 STM-4 Board is interface Board for SDH Transmission Equipment

IBAS Series has large crossover capability and rich branch interface, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 rate is fully compatible, high-order crossover capacity is 7070VC4, low-order crossover capacity is 2016×2016VC-12, single system support 3 Two STM-16 optical directions, maximum support 8 622M or 14 155M, maximum up and down 160 2M, 20 FE perfect multi-service processing, provide FE interface, support transparent transmission/layer 2 switching, virtual concatenation, LCAS, VLAN, QinQ and other functions, support ATM/IMA service processing function, can be used as MSAP equipment, provide PDH optical branch disk to directly connect to MSAP edge optical transceiver, service interface disk is compatible with IBAS110A

Fiberhome O622 STM-4 Board Product Picture

Fiberhome O622 Board YCICT Fiberhome O622 Board PRICE AND SPECS 780Fiberhome O622 Board PRICE AND SPECS FIBERHOME 780

Fiberhome O622 Board YCICT Fiberhome O622 Board PRICE AND SPECS 780BFiberhome O622 Board YCICT Fiberhome O622 Board PRICE AND SPECS 780B

Fiberhome O622 STM-4 Board Product Specification

Brand Fiberhome
Model O622
Nominal bit rate 622080 kbit/s
Line code pattern NRZ
Application code L-4.1
Transmission distance (km) 15 to 40
Type of fiber Single-mode LC
Operating wavelength range (nm) 1280 to 1335
Launched optical power range (dBm) -3 to +2
Receiver sensitivity (dBm) -28
Minimum overload (dBm) -8
Minimum extinction ratio (dB) 10
Maximum -20 dB spectral width (nm) 1
Minimum side mode suppression ratio (dB) 30
Dimensions (mm) 25.4 (W) x 235.2 (D) x 261.4 (H)
Weight (kg) 0.6

Fiberhome O622 STM-4 Board Product Feature

  • Optical interface specifications

Supports I-4, S-4.1, L-4.1, L-4.2 and Ve-4.2 optical interfaces, of which I-4, S-4.1, L-4.1 and L-4.2 optical interface characteristics comply with ITU-T G.957 Suggest. The optical interface of Ve-4.2 is a Huawei custom standard.

  • Optical module specifications

Support optical module information detection and query.

The optical interface provides the laser opening and closing settings and the laser automatic shutdown function.

Supports the use and monitoring of SFP pluggable optical modules, which facilitates the maintenance and upgrade of optical modules.

  • Service processing

Support VC-12/VC-3/VC-4 business and VC-4-4c cascade business.

  • Overhead processing

Support section overhead processing of STM-4 signal.

Support channel overhead processing (transparent transmission and termination).

Support the setting and query of J0/J1/C2 bytes.

Support 1-4 ECC communication.

Alarms and performance

Provides a wealth of alarms and performance events to facilitate equipment management and maintenance.

  • Protection method

Support two-fiber multiplex section ring protection, four-fiber multiplex section ring protection, linear multiplex section protection, SNCP protection, SNCTP and SNCMP protection.

Support MSP and SNCP shared optical path protection. One SLQ4A board can support up to 4 MSP rings.

Fiberhome O622 STM-4 Board Product Application

Fiberhome O622 Board YCICT Fiberhome O622 Board PRICE AND SPECS

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