AN5506 04FG is GPON unit with  WiFi  and  4 ethernet port  2 phone port and 1 CATV

AN5506-04-F has two types: AN5506-04-F1 and AN5506-04-G1. Fiberhome AN5506 04FG1 supports CATV interface except for Ethernet interfaces, phone interfaces and WiFi access.

AN5506 04FG ONU Product Overview

AN5506 04FG1 is manufactured and developed,  a leading FTTH/ FTTC broadband access network field. They are properly managed with features such as high-bandwidth,  high-reliability,  low power consumption and satisfy the users’ requirement to access broadband,  voice,  data and video etc

The AN5506-04-F has two types: AN5506-04-F1 and AN5506-04-G1. Both types provide Ethernet interfaces, phone interfaces and WiFi access. In addition, the AN5506-04-G1 supports CATV interface.

AN5506 04FG ONU Product Pictures

Fiberhome AN5506 04FG1 YCICTFiberhome AN5506 04FG1 YCICT

Fiberhome AN5506 04FG1 YCICT for FTTH OLTFiberhome AN5506 04FG1 YCICT for OLT FTTH

AN5506 04FG ONU Product Specifications

Type AN5506-04-G
H/W/D 36×211×154
Uplink Interface GPON
Downlink Interface 4*GE+2*POTS+CATV+WiFi(2.4G)
Power Supply AC:220V
Power ≤12W
Lightning Protection Power 4KV,  user interface 1.5KV
Operating Temperature -5℃~45℃
Ambient Humidity Non-condensing, 10%~90%

AN5506 04FG ONU Product Features

  • Supports configuring the Ethernet interface rate, working modes, MDI/MDIX self-adaption mode, and pause-frame-based flow control.
  • Provides lightning proof and ESD protection of Ethernet interfaces.
  • Supports packet filtering and DoS attack protection, to suppress unknown unicast, broadcast, and multicast packets.
  • Supports performance statistics of Ethernet lines.
  • Supports reporting the physical position information of Ethernet interfaces through DHCP Option82.
  • Supports PPPoE+ function for accurate user identification.
  • Supports various voice protocols including H.248, MGCP, and SIP.
  • Supports IGMP snooping and IGMP proxy.

 AN5506 04FG1 ONU  and More Models

Type AN5506-04-F AN5506-04-FA AN5506-04-FAT
H/W/D 36×211×154 36×211×154 37×252×178
Uplink Interface GPON GPON GPON
Downlink Interface 4*GE+2*POTS+ WiFi 4*GE+2*POTS+ WiFi 4*GE+2*POTS+ WiFi
WiFi Frequency 2.4G 2.4G(2*2MIMO) 2.4G(3*3MIMO)
5G(2*2MIMO) 5G(3*3MIMO)
Power Supply AC:220V AC:220V AC:220V
DC:12V/1.5A DC:12V/2.5A DC:12V/2.5A
Power ≤12W ≤16W ≤18W
Lightning Protection Power 4KV,    user interface 1.5KV Power 4KV,  user   interface 1.5KV Power 4KV,    user interface 1.5KV
Operating Temperature -5℃~45℃ -5℃~45℃ -5℃~45℃
Ambient Humidity ~90% ~90% ~90%

AN5506 04FG ONU Product Applications

Fiberhome AN5506 04FG1 ONU YCICT

Fiberhome An5506 02 A ONU YCICT FOR FTTH OLT

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