Huawei NE9000-8 Router is suited for deployment on the small-scale backbone, metro edge, or DCI networks. The router has 8 slots and a capacity of 32Tbit/s, which can be upgraded to 64Tbit/s in the future.

Huawei NE9000-8 Router Product Overview

Huawei NE9000-8 Router is a high-performance next-generation converged core router that can be deployed on IP / MPLS backbone networks, DCI, and large enterprise networks.
The NE9000 series uses a programmable solar NP chipset developed by Huawei and uses the industry’s high-speed cable backplane. Capable of providing 80 Gigabits per second on a single chassis, upgradeable to 160 Gigabits per second in the future. NE9000 also provides complete SDN and virtual system functions to simplify the network architecture, aggregate the bearer of multiple services, and achieve high reliability and easy maintenance.

Huawei NE9000-8 Router Product Pictures

Huawei NE9000-8 Router HUAWEI NE5000 -8 ROUTER PRICE YCICTHuawei NE9000-8 Router YCICT NE5000 ROUTER SPCES


Huawei NE9000-8 Router Product Specifications

Item NE9000-20 NE9000-8
Forwarding performance 12800 Mpps(LPUI-1T) 5120 Mpps(LPUI-1T)
Switching capacity 209.45 Tbps 83.78 Tbps
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2200 mm (49.5 U) x 600 mm x 1000 mm (86.61 in. x 23.62 in. x 39.4 in.) 1016 mm x 442 mm x 945 mm (40 in. x 17.4 in. x 37.2 in.)
Weight (empty) 231 kg (509.3 lb) 159 kg (350.5 lb)
Weight (integrated chassis (cabinet + power supply + fan)) 410 kg (903.9 lb) 181 kg (339.0 lb)
Cabinet installation standard The NE9000 chassis is integrated in a cabinet. Can be installed in an 1000 mm-deep standard 19-inch cabinet and is installed in a 2200 mm-high Huawei N610E cabinet by default.
Typical power consumption l  19600 W (2 MPU + 7 SFU + 20 8x100G CFP2) 7.97kW (2 MPU + 8 SFU + 8 20x100G QSFP28)
l  18526 W (2 MPU + 8 SFU + 20 20x100G QSFP28)
Typical heat dissipation l  63590.6 BTU/hour (2 MPU + 7 SFU + 20 8x100G CFP2) 25858.0BTU (2 MPU + 8 SFU + 8 20x100G QSFP28)
l  60106.1BTU/hour (2 MPU + 8 SFU + 20 20x100G QSFP28)
DC input voltage l  -40 V to -72 V (-48 V/-60 V) l  -40 V to -72 V (-48 V/-60 V)
l  192 V to 400 V (240 V/380 V) l  192 V to 400 V (240 V/380 V)
AC input voltage 180 V to 264 V (200 V to 240 V) 180 V to 264 V (200 V to 240 V)
MTBF 18.74 years 18.87 years
MTTR 0.5 hours 0.5 hours
Availability 100.00% 100.00%
Slot quantity 32 slots, including 2 MPU slots, 8 SFU slots, 20 LPU slots, and 2 CMU slots. 18 slots, including 2 MPU slots, 8 SFU slots, and 8 LPU slots.
Redundant MPUs 1:01 1:01
Redundant Switch fabrics 7+1 7+1
Redundant fans There are three fan partitions on the device, with each having four fan modules in 3+1 backup mode. The device has two fan partitions. The LPU area provides three fan modules in 2+1 backup mode. The SFU area provides two fan chassis in 1+1 backup mode.

Huawei NE9000-8 Router Product Features

  • Carrier-Class Reliability

Huawei NE9000-8 Router adopts a robust security design and provides multiple security features to protect the data of Internet service providers (ISPs) and users. These features can protect services against denial of service (DoS) attacks, unauthorized access, and traffic overload on the control plane. In addition, the NE9000’s distributed structure, which separates the data plane from the control plane, offers industry-leading security performance.

  • Innovative Energy-Saving Design

Huawei NE9000-8 Router adopts an energy-saving design, with the Solar chip using the IFA technology, reducing power consumption by 20% compared with traditional static high-frequency running. In addition, the power module design enables on-demand configuration, reducing power consumption by 50% compared with traditional integrated power supply.

  • Advanced Service Capability

Huawei NE9000-8 Router provides the well-designed IPv4/IPv6 solution to support a smooth transition from IPv4 networks to IPv6 networks, the MPLS and VPN solution to implement L3VPN based on MPLS/BGP, and the E2E VPN solution. In addition, the NE9000 offers advanced QoS capabilities, providing different SLAs to meet the development requirements of various services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and over the top (OTT).

Huawei NE9000-8 Router Ordering Info

BOM Number Order Name Description
02351CJC CR9P9KBASD82 NE9000-8 Basic Configuration(Include NE9000-8 48V DC Chassis,2*MPUP1,8*SFU4T-A,2*32G Memory,2*32G SSD Card,6*DC Power Module,without Software Charge and Document)
02351NYN CR9P9KBASA82 NE9000-8 Basic Configuration(Include NE9000-8 220V AC Chassis,2*MPUP1,8*SFU4T-A,2*32G Memory,2*32G SSD Card,8*Power Module, without Software Charge and Document)
02351CJB CR9P9KBASH82 NE9000-8 Basic Configuration(Include NE9000-8 240V/380V DC Chassis,2*MPUP1,8*SFU4T-A,2*32G Memory,2*32G SSD Card,8*Power Module, without Software Charge and Document)
02351PMJ CR9PBKP08ADC NE9000-8 Integrated DC Chassis Components
02351PMK CR9PBKP08AAC NE9000-8 Integrated AC Chassis Components
02351PYJ CR9PBKP08AHC NE9000-8 Integrated 240V/380V HVDC Chassis Components
3057531 CR9D0MPUP180 NE9000-8 Main Processing Unit P1(MPUP1)
3057530 CR9D0SFUT481 NE9000-8 Switch Fabric Unit for Single Chassis(SFU4T-A)
02311LDL CR5B0PWRDC01 NE9000  DC power distribution frame
02311LDM CR5B0PWRAC01 NE9000  AC power distribution frame
02311TSM CR9B0PWRDC00 NE9000-20 240V/380V HVDC power distribution frame
02311CNP PDC-2200WB DC PSU-PDC-2200WB-2200W DC Power Module
2122145 CR5MDPD12500 DPD125-12-24 DC Power Distribution Box
BOM Order Name Description
3057534 CR9D00EKNB80 40-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Integrated Line Process Unit(LPUI-4T)
3057533 CR9D00EKNB8P 40-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Integrated Line Process Unit CM(LPUI-4T-CM)
BOM Order Name Description
3057702 CR9DLPUFT280 2T Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-2T,2 sub-slots)
03032NAC CR9D00D8KC80 8-Port 100G ETH/DWDM-CFP2 Flexible Card
3057932 CR9D00EENB80 20-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Integrated Line Process Unit(LPUI-2T)
3057988 CR9D00EENB8P 20-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Integrated Line Process Unit CM(LPUI-2T-CM)
3057024 CR9D00EDNB80 16-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Integrated Line Process Unit(NE9000 LPUI-2T)
3057679 CR9D00EDNB8P 16-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 Integrated Line Process Unit CM(NE9000 LPUI-2T-CM)

Huawei NE9000-8 Router Product Applications

Huawei NE9000 - 20 Router YCICT NE9000 HUAWEI NE SERIES ROUTER