Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch is the next-generation energy-saving Layer 3 switch with Twenty-two 10/100Base-TX ports, two gigabit • combo ports(10/100/1000Base-T or 100/1000Base-X)

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch Product Overview

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch utilizes cutting-edge hardware and Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software to provide high-performance access and aggregation to an enterprise campus network. The S3700 is easy to install and maintain. With its flexible VLAN deployment, PoE capabilities, comprehensive routing functions, and capability to migrate to an IPv6 network, the S3700 helps enterprise customers build next-generation IT networks. In addition, the S3700 uses advanced reliability technologies such as stacking, VRRP, and RRPP, enhancing network reliability and diversity.

The S3700 is a box device that is 1 U high. It is available in a standard version (SI), an enhanced version (EI), and an advanced version (HI). The SI version provides Layer 2 functions and basic Layer 3 functions. The EI version supports complex routing protocols and provides more functions than the SI version offers. In addition to the functions of EI, HI supports higher-specification MAC addresses, routes, and multicast

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch Product Pictures

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch YCICT Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch PRICE AND SPECS NEW AND ORIGINAL GOOD PRICESHuawei S3700-26C-HI Switch YCICT Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch PRICE AND SPECS NEW AND ORIGINAL

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch YCICT Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch PRICE AND SPECS NEW AND ORIGINALHuawei S3700-26C-HI Switch YCICT Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch price and specs NEW AND ORIGINAL

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Product Model S3700-26C-HI
product type Ethernet
Application level Three layers
Backplane bandwidth 64Gpbs
Packet forwarding rate 9.3Mpps
transfer method Store-and-forward
Interface Type 22 10/100Base-TX, 2 Gigabit Combo ports (10/100/1000Base-T or 100/1000Base-X), the uplink interface card can be an optional 2-port Gigabit optical interface card
Number of interfaces 26 ports
Transmission rate 10M/100M/1000Mbps
Expansion slot 1
MAC address table 32K
voltage AC: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz DC: -48–60V DC
Dimensions 442×220×43.6mm
weight <3.3Kg

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch Product Features

  • Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch provides the Multi-VPN-Instance CE (MCE) function to isolate users in different VLANs, ensuring data security and reducing costs.
  • Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch supports multicast functions such as IGMP snooping, IGMP filter, fast leave, and IGMP proxy.
  • It supports line-speed replication of multicast packets between VLANs, multicast load balancing among member interfaces of a trunk, and controllable multicast, meeting requirements for IPTV and other multicast services.
  • The S3700 PWR offers an improved Power over Ethernet (PoE) function. Users can determine when or whether a PoE port provides power.
  • The S3700 PWR can use PoE power supplies with different power levels to provide -48V DC power for powered devices (PDs), such as IP Phones, WLAN APs, and Bluetooth APs. As a power sourcing equipment (PSE), the S3700 PWR complies with IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at (PoE+) and can work with PDs that are incompatible with 802.3af or 802.3at.

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Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch Product Applications

Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch YCICT Huawei S3700-26C-HI Switch PRICE AND SPECS NEW AND ORIGINAL