Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch is a next-generation enhanced all-optical GE/10GE hybrid switch with 44 x GE SFP ports, 4 x 10GE SFP+ ports, 6 x 40GE QSFP+ ports and 1+1 power backup

Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch Product Overview

It is the next-generation enhanced all-optical Ethernet switch with Forwarding performance: 486 Mpps and Switching capacity: 648 Gbps/2.4 Tbps. The model provides gigabit and 100 Gigabit hybrid optical port access, and supports service companion and VXLAN. Meanwhile, S5732-H-V2 is VXLAN-capable and allows centralized and distributed VXLAN gateway deployment modes. The switch also supports the BGP EVPN protocol for dynamically establishing VXLAN tunnels and can be configured using NETCONF/YANG. Additionally, the intelligent upgrade feature greatly simplifies device upgrade operations and makes it possible for the customer to upgrade the version independently. This greatly reduces the customer’s maintenance costs. In addition, the upgrade policies on the HOUP platform standardize the upgrade operations, which greatly reduces the risk of upgrade failures. Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch is ideal for large and medium-sized campus network aggregation/access, small campus network core, and data center access. Widely used in medical, retail, mining, Internet and other industries

Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch Product Pictures

Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 price and specs ycictHuawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 huawei s5732-h price and specs ycict

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Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch Product Specifications

Product Model CloudEngine S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2
Description S5732-H44S4X4QZ-V2 (44*GE SFP ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, 6*40GE QSFP ports, without power module)
Part Number 02354VCT
Model S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2
First supported version V600R022C00
Forwarding Performance 486 Mpps
Switching Capacity² 648 Gbps/2.4 Tbps
Fixed Ports 44 x GE SFP ports, 4 x 10GE SFP+ ports, 6 x 40GE QSFP+ ports
Extended Slots One extended slot, support 2*40GE QSFP+,  2 x 25GE SFP28 or 8 x 10GE SFP+ cards(expected to be supported in R23C00)
MAC Features IEEE 802.1d compliance
Automatic MAC address learning and aging
Static, dynamic, and blackhole MAC address entries
Packet filtering based on source MAC addresses
iPCA Collection of real-time statistics on the number of lost packets and packet loss ratio at network and device level
VXLAN VXLAN L2 and L3 gateways
Centralized and distributed gateways
Configured through the NETCONF protocol
Interoperability VBST (compatible with PVST, PVST+, and RPVST)
LNP (similar to DTP)
VCMP (similar to VTP)
Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] 185 mm x 650 mm x 550 mm (7.28 in. x 25.59 in. x 21.65 in.)
Chassis height [U] 1 U
Weight without packaging [kg(lb)] 7.48 kg (16.49 lb)
Weight with packaging [kg(lb)] 10.46 kg (23.06 lb)
Typical power consumption [W] 200 W
Typical heat dissipation [BTU/hour] 682.42 BTU/hour
Maximum power consumption [W] 253 W
Maximum heat dissipation [BTU/hour] 863.26 BTU/hour
Static power consumption [W] 151 W
MTBF [year] 48.99 year

Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch Product Features

  • Sets up and maintains a DHCP snooping binding table, and discards the packets that do not match the table entries. You can specify DHCP snooping trusted and untrusted ports to ensure that users connect only to the authorized DHCP server.
  • Support MACsec. MACsec protects transmitted Ethernet data frames through identity authentication, data encryption, integrity check, and anti-replay protection, reducing the risks of information leakage and malicious network attacks. With MACsec, these switch models are able to address strict information security requirements of customers in industries such as government and finance.
  • Provide telemetry technology to collect device data in real time and send the data to Huawei campus network analyzer CampusInsight. The CampusInsight analyzes network data based on the intelligent fault identification algorithm, accurately displays the real-time network status, effectively demarcates and locates faults in a timely manner, and identifies network problems that affect user experience, accurately guaranteeing user experience.

Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch Ordering Info

CloudEngine S5732H44S4X6QZ-V2 CloudEngine S5732-H44S4X4QZ-V2 (44*GE SFP ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, 6*40GE QSFP ports, 1*expansion slot, without power module)
CloudEngine S5732H44S4X6QZ-TV2 CloudEngine S5732-H44S4X4QZ-TV2 (44*GE SFP ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, 6*40GE QSFP ports, 1*expansion slot, HTM, without power module)
CloudEngine S5732H24S4X6QZ-V2 CloudEngine S5732-H24S4X6QZ-V2 (24*GE SFP ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, 6*40GE QSFP ports, 1*expansion slot, without power module)
CloudEngine S5732H24S4X6QZ-TV2 CloudEngine S5732-H24S4X6QZ-TV2 (24*GE SFP ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, 6*40GE QSFP ports, 1*expansion slot, HTM, without power module)
PAC600S12-PB 600W AC power module
PDC1K2S12-CE 1200W DC power module
FAN-031A-B Fan module
L-MLIC-S57H S57XX-H Series Basic SW,Per Device
N1-S57H-M-Lic S57XX-H Series Basic SW,Per Device
N1-S57H-M-SnS1Y S57XX-H Series Basic SW,SnS,Per Device,1Year
N1-S57H-F-Lic N1-CloudCampus,Foundation,S57XX-H Series,Per Device
N1-S57H-F-SnS1Y N1-CloudCampus,Foundation,S57XX-H Series,SnS,Per Device,1Year
N1-S57H-A-Lic N1-CloudCampus,Advanced,S57XX-H Series,Per Device
N1-S57H-A-SnS1Y N1-CloudCampus,Advanced,S57XX-H Series,SnS,Per Device,1Year
N1-S57H-FToA-Lic N1-Upgrade-Foundation to Advanced,S57XX-H,Per Device
N1-S57H-FToA-SnS1Y N1-Upgrade-Foundation to Advanced,S57XX-H,SnS,Per Device,1Year

Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch And More Models

S5732-H24UM4Y2CZ-V2 (02354VCM)
S5732-H24UM4Y2CZ-V2 (02354VCM-001)
S5732-H24UM4Y2CZ-V2 (02354VCM-002)
S5732-H24UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCN)
S5732-H24UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCN-001)
S5732-H24UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCN-002)
S5732-H24UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCN-003)
S5732-H48UM4Y2CZ-V2 (02354VBU)
S5732-H48UM4Y2CZ-V2 (02354VBU-001)
S5732-H48UM4Y2CZ-V2 (02354VBU-002)
S5732-H48UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCJ)
S5732-H48UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCJ-001)
S5732-H48UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCJ-002)
S5732-H48UM4Y2CZ-TV2 (02354VCJ-003)

Huawei S5732-H44S4X6QZ-V2 Switch Applications

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