Optical Power Composite Cable is  Stretching, crushing, impacting, repeated bending, torsion, winding and loss complies with YD / T 901-2001.

Optical Power Composite Cable Product Overview

The structure of the photohybrid cable is a loose tube made of 250μm optical fiber made of high-modulus material filled with a waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is FRP or metal reinforcement (some structures require a PE cushion layer to the reinforcement). The wire and loose tube (and filler rope) are twisted around a central reinforcement core to form a compact and round core, and the gaps in the core are filled with water-blocking filling. Double-sided plastic coated steel strip (PSP) longitudinal wrapping is extruded polyethylene or LSZH sheathed cable.

Optical Power Composite Cable Product Pictures

Optical Power Composite Cable pric and specs ycictOptical Power Composite Cable price and specs good quality ycict

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Optical Power Composite Cable Product Specifications

C20G.652 50/125 62.5/125
Maximum attenuation @850nm 3.5dB/km 3.5dB/km
@1300nm 1.5dB/km 1.5dB/km
@1310nm 0.45dB/km
@1550nm 0.30dB/km
 Typical attenuation @850nm 3.0dB/km 3.0dB/km
@1300nm 1.0dB/km 1.0dB/km
@1310nm 0.40dB/km
@1550nm 0.25dB/km
Minimum bandwidth @850nm 400MHz·km 160MHz·km
@1300nm 800MHz·km 500MHz·km
 Item Technical Specifications Remark
Bending Radius(mm) Dynamic 30D
Static 20D
Tensile Strength(N) Short Term 3000
Long Term 1500
(N/100mm2)  Short Term 3000
Crush Resistance Long Term 1000
Operating Temperature range Electric wire -15℃~+70℃ Comply
with GB5023-1997
Other materials except electric wire -40℃~+70℃
Water-blocking / Waterproof  Performance No water leak if immersed in water for long time Except
wire conductor
No electric leakage
Construction Temperature range -20℃~+60℃ Except electric wire
0℃~+60℃ electric wire
 Weight 347kg/km (RV-2*2.5mm)
382kg/km (RV-4*2.5mm)
502kg/km (RV-6*2.5mm)
628kg/km (RV-8*2.5mm)
Mechanical Properties Stretching, crushing, impacting, repeated bending, torsion, winding and loss comply with YD / T 901-2001
Applicable System of Laying Suitable for pipe, channel, cable trenches, aerial, direct burial and so on

Optical Power Composite Cable Product Features

  • It has very good flexibility and mechanical properties
  • Photoelectric integration, fully save pipeline resources
  • The cable part and the optical cable part maintain a relatively independent structure, which is convenient for introduction, exit and connection during installation
  • The power line, telephone line, TV line, network cable, monitoring line, data line and other multi-network integration saves costs
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Larger construction temperature range
  • The optical cable diameter and bending radius are small, and it can be freely installed in a small space compatible optical signal transmission and power transmission
  • Optimize the design of transmission lines and save electric energy
  • Photoelectric integration, while transmitting electric energy, conveying information, and detecting the working status of the line
  • The optical fiber is combined in the wire, eliminating the optical fiber strand and fiber breaking accidents caused by lightning on the ground wire
  • It will not cause the optical cable to suffer galvanic corrosion or cause cable damage and fiber breaking accidents caused by the action of field strength
  • There is no hidden danger caused by additional line load added to the original route

Optical Power Composite Cable Product Applications

  • Telecommunications network construction
  • Construction of communication base stations in rural and urban remote areas
  • Fiber optic access to urban residential communities and buildings
  • Security monitoring project
  • Other occasions where information and electricity are needed at the same time

Optical Power Composite Cable Product Topology

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