Mini Figure 8 Cable is Stainless Steel Tube Optical Cable Single mode, multimode, maximum of 24 cores F-SST LSZH, PE, or PA jacketing, anti-ultraviolet radiation

Mini Figure 8 Cable Product Overview

It is an optical fiber unit, and the maximum number of cores is 24 cores, according to different applications, the sheath is made of LS ZH PE or PA. the Mini F-SST features small size, light weight, good mechanical properties, and can withstand strong side pressure, wide temperature range. This fiber cable is suitable for indoor wiring, pipeline, ground grooved laying.

A fiber optic cable is a communication cable consisting of two or more glass or plastic fiber cores that are located within a protective cladding and covered by a plastic PVC outer sleeve. Signal transmission along internal optical fibers generally uses infrared.
Optical fiber communication is one of the important ways of modern information transmission. It has the advantages of large capacity, long relay distance, good confidentiality, free from electromagnetic interference and saving copper.
A dielectric waveguide that transmits light waves. An optical fiber is a fiber composed of a double-layer transparent medium formed into concentric circles. The most widely used dielectric material is quartz glass (SiO2). The inner medium is called the core, and its refractive index is higher than that of the outer medium (called the cladding). The refractive index of the core or cladding is adjusted by doping the quartz glass with impurities such as germanium, phosphorus, fluorine, boron, etc. The transmission wavelength of optical fiber for communication is mainly 0.8~1.7 micron near-infrared light. The core diameter of the fiber varies depending on the type, typically a few microns to 100 microns, with most outer diameters around 125 microns. It has a plastic cladding on the outside. Fiber optic cables are made of a combination of single or multiple fibers, reinforced and protected. Fiber optic cables can be used in a variety of environments. The manufacturing method of optical cables is similar to that of cables.

Mini Figure 8 Cable Product Pictures

Mini Figure 8 Cable with stainless steel loose tube ycictMini Figure 8 Cable Stainless Steel Tube Optical Cable ycict

Mini Figure 8 Cable price and specs with stainless steel loose tube ycictGYTC8S Outdoor Optical Cable ycict

Mini Figure 8 Cable Product Specifications

Fiber core number structure size Cable weight Allowable tensile force (N) Allowing crush force (N)
Pipe diameter Wire diameter Cable diameter kg / km Long-term / short-term Long-term / short-term
0:00:00 8:24:00 7:12:00 22:48:00 9:36:00 500/1000 2000/4000
0:00:00 12:00:00 10:48:00 14:24:00 7:12:00 1000/2000 2000/4000
0:00:00 19:12:00 10:48:00 21:36:00 4:48:00 1000/2000 2000/4000
0:00:00 0:00:00 10:48:00 2:24:00 4:48:00 1000/2000 2000/4000
0:00:00 9:36:00 12:00:00 0:00:00 2:24:00 1000/2000 2000/4000

Mini Figure 8 Cable Product Features

  • Singlemode or multimode fiber, up to 24 cores
  • Stainless steel loose tube, longitudinal water barrier
  • LS ZH, PE or PA sheath, UV radiation
  • Small size, light weight, good mechanical properties, can withstand strong side pressure, convenient construction.
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, rat-bite-proof, no rust. Resistant to weak acid, weak alkali and salt corrosion.
  • Good temperature performance, high cold resistance, high temperature resistance. Non-toxic, flame retardant, fire resistant.

Mini Figure 8 Cable Product Applications

  • Indoor wiring, plumbing.
  • Ground grooving, temperature measurement cable light unit.
  • Fire temperature measurement.

Mini Figure 8 Cable Product Topology

Stainless Steel Tube Optical Cable Mini Figure 8 Cable ycict

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