QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module is 400GBase-ZR optical module -QSFP-DD-400G-single module (DWDM, 1547.715NM, 40KM, LC)

QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module Product Overview

QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module is designed in QSFP-DD form factor for use by data center operators and peering networks to provide high bandwidth interconnections in an industry standard. The module features superior OSNR and power consumption in an OIF 400ZR Implementation Agreement and QSFP-DD MSA compliant design. Utilizing the latest in house SiPho Coherent Optical Subassembly (COSA) and nano-ITLA, this module delivers superior cost/performance for applications ranging from data-center interconnects to router-router connectivity and access network demands. With a power efficient optics and the latest 7nm DSP, the reduced power consumption assures reliability in demanding high density environments.

QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module Product Pictures

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QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module Product Specifications

Item Description
Module name QSFP-DD-400G-ZR
Part Number 02313FHD
Model QSFP-DD-400G-ZR
Form factor QSFP-DD
Application standard/Type 400ZR,Single Wavelength
Connector type LC
Optical fiber type SMF
Type of the end face of the fiber ceramic ferrule PC or UPC
Working case temperature [°C (°F)] 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
DDM options Supported
Transmission rate [bit/s] 400Gbit/s
Target transmission distance [km] Single-mode (G.652) optical fiber (diameter: 9 μm):
40 km (no optical amplifier connected. The actual transmission distance depends on the optical link quality.)
80 km (connected to an external optical amplifier)
Bit error ratio (BER) <1E-15(after FEC) <1.25E-2(before FEC)
Center wavelength [nm] 1547.715 nm
Maximum Tx optical power (AVG) [dBm] -6 dBm
Minimum Tx optical power (AVG) [dBm] -10 dBm
Minimum extinction ratio [dB] 3.5 dB
Rx sensitivity (AVG) [dBm] -20 dBm
Overload power (AVG) [dBm] 5.3 dBm

QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module Product Features

  • Compliant with QSFP-DD MSA
  • OIF 400ZR compliant, version 01.0, March 10, 2020
  • Supports digital diagnostic monitoring
  • Hot-swappable 76-pin electrical connector
  • Maximum power consumption 16.5W
  • 400G 16QAM modulation
  • Compact dimensions (18.4mm x 93.4mm x 8.5mm)
  • LC duplex port
  • 400GBASE-R, 425Gbps rate
  • 400G-AUI-8 C2M; 8xCEI-56G-VSR PAM-4 electrical port
  • Working temperature: 0°C~+70°C
  • The supply voltage is 3.3V
  • RoHS2 compliant (lead-free)

QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module and More 400G Models


QSFP-DD-400G-ZR Module Product Applications

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