Huawei releases fully upgraded CloudFabric 2.0, leading the data center network into the smart era

[Shenzhen, May 20, 2020] Recently, Huawei ’s Global Analyst Conference (HAS) 2020 was held in Shenzhen. Huawei released a comprehensively upgraded CloudFabric 2.0 data center network solution. Through high-density 400GE intelligent ultra-wide, zero packet loss The comprehensive improvement of three major capabilities including intelligent connection and intelligent operation and maintenance supporting the autonomous driving network has led the data center network into the intelligent era.

Wang Lei, President of Huawei's Data Center Network Field, released a fully upgraded CloudFabric 2.0 YCICT

                                                         Wang Lei, President of Huawei’s Data Center Network Field, released a fully upgraded CloudFabric 2.0 

Wang Lei, President of Huawei Data Center Networking, said: “With the popularization and application of AI in thousands of industries, enterprise data centers that carry many key businesses are evolving into enterprise brains. In the intelligent era where data is the key production factor, data centers The network is facing a series of challenges such as data surge 10 times growth, loss of computing power due to data packet loss, business TTM (product time to market), and long time to repair failures. ”

This fully upgraded Huawei CloudFabric 2.0 solution solves these problems from the following three aspects:

• Intelligent ultra-wide: Huawei CloudEngine data center switch series new products support the industry’s highest density 48-port 400GE line card in a single slot, the switching capacity of the entire frame is 6 times that of the industry, and support a full range of compatibility from 10GE to 40GE, 100GE and 400GE. Smooth evolution

• Intelligent connection: Huawei has newly upgraded the AI-based iLossless algorithm, which can realize real-time closed-loop adjustment of dynamic congestion control and queue scheduling based on real network traffic status, ensuring zero data loss and best network performance in real time, and efficiently releasing computing power;

• Intelligent operation and maintenance: Based on the latest Huawei iMaster NCE-Fabric autonomous driving network management and control system, the industry ’s first L3 level data center autonomous driving network is realized, which comprehensively improves Day 0 (planning and design) 3 times the industry deployment efficiency and reduces Day 1 ( Service provision) 40% configuration error and implementation of Day N (operation management) real-time network health assessment and 1-3-5 minute level fault perception, location and repair, towards self-healing.

Wang Lei, President of Huawei Data Center Networking, finally said: “Data is increasingly becoming an important strategic resource and a new production factor. AI has become ubiquitous in many aspects of data element processing. We have fully upgraded the CloudFabric solution to create an ultra-wide, lossless , An all-intelligent data center network to help companies tap wisdom from data, accelerate digital transformation and promote the development of the digital economy. ”

Finally, this release is not only a new upgrade of Huawei’s solution, but also a result of joint innovation between Huawei and leading customers in industries such as finance, Internet, and operators. Adhering to the concept of leading the data center network into the intelligent era, Huawei’s data center network products and solutions have served 9200+ customers worldwide.