400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ is designed for use in 400 Gigabit Ethernet links on up to 2km of single mode fiber.

400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ Product Overview

The module complies with the QSFP-DD MSA, IEEE 802.3bs and 100G Lambda MSA. The optical transceiver is RoHS compliant. 400G has become the next generation backbone upgrade and new construction direction; it will become the inevitable trend of the data center. More and more data center service providers have begun to expand and retrofit existing data centers and upgrade to 400G networks. Driven by data center requirements, transceiver vendors are also expanding their manufacturing capacity to keep pace with the demand for 400Gbps transceivers.

400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ Product Pictures

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400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ Product Specifications

Data Rate 425Gb/s
Distance 2km
Case Temperature 0~70℃
Voltage Supply 3.3V
Transmitter EML
Receiver PIN
Wavelength 1310nm
Connector MPO-12
Power consumption(Max) 12W

400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ Product Features

  • Supports 2x 212.5Gb/s, 4×106.25Gb/s or 425Gb/s
  • QSFP-DD MSA Compliant
  • 125Gb/s(PAM4) electrical interface
  • 125Gb/s(PAM4),4×106.25 Gb/s(PAM4) or 400G DP-16QAM optical interface
  • 0°C to 70°C
  • CMIS 4.0 or higher support

400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ Product and More 400G Modules

Optical Interface Optical Signal Rate Transmission mode Standard Electrical Signal  Rate Form Factor
400G-SR16 16*26.5Gbps NRZ 100m MM 802.3bs 16*26.5Gbps NRZ CDFP/CFP8
400G-FR8 8λ*53Gbps PAM4 2km SM 802.3bs 8*53Gbps PAM4 QSFP DD/OSFP
400G-LR8 8λ*53Gbps PAM4 10km SM 802.3bs 8*53Gbps PAM4 QSFP DD/OSFP
400G-SR8 8λ*53Gbps PAM4 100m MM 8*53Gbps PAM4 QSFP DD/OSFP
400G-SR4.2 4*2λ*53Gbps PAM4 100m MM(2λ) 802.3cm 8*53Gbps PAM4 QSFP DD/OSFP
400G-DR4 4*106Gbps PAM4 500m SM 802.3bs 8*53Gbps PAM4 QSFP DD/OSFP
400G-FR4 4*106Gbps PAM4 2km SM 100G/λ MSA 8*53Gbps PAM4 QSFP DD/OSFP
400G-LR4 4*106Gbps PAM4 10km SM TBD 8*53Gbps PAM4 QSFP DD/OSFP

400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ Product Applications

400G QSFP56-DD DR4+ price and specs ycict

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