Duplex Armored Cable provides stronger protection of the optical fibers than standards fiber optic cables, which can be installed in the most hazardous areas, including environments with slight dust, oil, gas, moisture, or even damage-causing rodents.

Duplex Armored Cable Product Overview

Duplex Armored Cable is a version of fiber that is covered with an additional metal layer to prevent fractures as well as corrosion from rodents, moisture, and supplementary threats. Armored Fiber Optic Cable is available in both indoor/outdoor variants with 2 to 144 strand counts. Riser OFCR, plenum OFCP, and direct burial applications could serve as the opportune moment to utilize Armored Fiber Optic Cable.
The metal armor that protects the fiber cable within is manufactured of either aluminum interlocking armor or standard corrugated steel. Corrugated steel Armored Fiber is designed to operate ideally within rugged direct burial applications, remaining durable, while repelling moister and natural decay. Alternatively, our aluminum interlocking armor fiber offers you the same protection as the corrugated steel, only aluminum has greater flexibility during and throughout the installation process.

Duplex Armored Cable Product Pictures

Duplex Armored Cable simplex cable ycictDuplex Armored Cable price and specs fiber optic cord ycict

Duplex Armored Cable price and specs ycictDuplex Armored Cable Armored Duplex OM2 50/125 Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cable ycict

Duplex Armored Cable Product Specifications

Type Single Mode PC Single Mode APC Multimode
Insertion Loss ≤0.20dB ≤0.20dB ≤0.20dB
Return Loss ≥55dB ≥75dB ≥45dB
Storage Temperature – 40℃ to +90℃
Working Temperature – 40℃ to +85℃
Repeatability of IL ≤0.1dB

Duplex Armored Cable Product Features

  • Easy to maintain
  • High anti-tensility; High anti-pressure
  • Small OD stainless steel protection tube
  • Pull-proof Jacket with Max. 225N Tensile Strength
  • High bent Resistance; Anti-bite from rodent animals
  • Bend Insensitive Fiber & 20/10D (Dynamic/Static) Min. Bend Radius
  • Precision Zirconia Ferrule Connectors Ensure Consistent Loss
  • Helical Steel Armor Provides Additional Crush and Rodent Protection
  • Routing Indoor Including Data Center Racks, Raised Floors and Runs Between Floors
  • Eliminate the Need for Conduits to Improve Design Flexibility and Lower Installed Costs

Armored Cable price and specs ycict

Duplex Armored Cable Prouct Applications

Armored Fiber Optic Cable price and specs duplex ycict

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