GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable is TWO FRP Aerial Fiber Optic Cable (GYFFY) according to YD/T 901-2018、GB/T13993 、IECA-596、GR-409、IEC794 and so on standard

GYFFY price and specs ycict

GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable Product Overview

GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable structure is to put a 250μm optical fiber into a loose tube made of high-modulus material, and the loose tube is filled with a waterproof complex. The loose tube is supplemented with water-blocking material to ensure that the optical cable longitudinally blocks water, and two parallel glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) are placed on both sides and then extruded into a polyethylene sheathed cable.

Fiber optic transmission is based on the principle that the available light is fully reflected at the interface of the two media. Mutant optical fiber, n1 is the refractive index of the core medium, n2 is the refractive index of the cladding medium, n1 is greater than n2, the incidence angle of the light entering the fiber core reaches the interface between the core and the cladding layer (referred to as the core-package interface) when it is greater than the critical angle θc of total reflection, total reflection can occur without light energy through the fiber core, and the incident light can be transmitted forward through countless total reflections at the interface.

When the fiber is bent, the interface normal turns, and the angle of incidence is small, so the angle of incidence of a part of the light becomes less than θc and cannot be fully reflected. However, those rays with a large angle of incidence can still be fully reflected, so the fiber bending time can still be transmitted, but it will cause energy loss. Generally, when the bending radius is greater than 50~100 mm, its loss is negligible. Small bends can cause serious “microbending losses”.

GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable Product Pictures

GYFFY GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable price and specs ycictGYFFY Fiber Optic Cable price and specs optic fiber ycict

GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable drop cable ycictJET Micro Cable Indoor/outdoor unitube non-metallic micro cable ycict

GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable Specifications

G.652 G.655 50/125μm 62.5/125μm
Atenuation (+20℃) @850nm ≤3.0dB/km ≤3.0dB/km
@1300nm ≤1.0dB/km ≤1.0dB/km
@1310nm ≤0.36dB/km
@1550nm ≤0.22dB/km ≤0.23dB/km
Bandwidth @850 ≥200MHZ·km ≥200MHZ·km
             (Class A) @1300 ≥500MHZ·km ≥500MHZ·km
Numerical Aperture 0.200±0.015NA 0.275±0.015NA
Cable cut-off wavelength ≤1260nm ≤1480nm
Cable Core Unit 2F 4F 6F 8F 10F 12F
No. Of Tubes 1 1 1 1 1 1
No. Of fibers core 2 4 6 9 10 12
Fiber Counts in tube core 2 4 6 9 10 12
Cable Diameter mm 6.6±0.5 6.8±0.5
Cable Weight Kg/km 40±10 45±10
Allowable tensile Strength N Span=80,1.5*P
Allowable crush resistance N 1000N
Operation temperature -20℃ to +65℃

GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable Product Features

  • Small Size and Ligth Weight
  • Two FRP as strength member to provide good tensile performance
  • Gel Filled or gel free , good waterproof performance
  • Low price ,high fiber capacity
  • applicable for short span aerial and duct installation
  • Eliminates the need for expensive cable shielding and grounding
  • Uses simple attachment hardware (no preinstalled messenger)
  • Outstanding cable performance and stability

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GYFFY Fiber Optic Cable Product Applications

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