High Power EDFA 16 Port is a high output power C-Band Er-Yb co-doped double cladding optical fiber amplifier.

High Power EDFA 16 Port Product Overview

The product can realize different service wavelength (GPON/XGPON1/OTDR and CATV) multiplexing in FTTX network to maximize the value of optical distribution network (ODN). To suit multiple application scenarios, the GPON ports are compatible with the XGPON1 and OTDR wavelength.
A proprietary ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) and an APC (Automatic Power Control) circuit ensure the high stability and reliability output power, and the unique optical circuit design ensures the excellent optical performance. The high stability and high precision MPU system ensure the control, adjustment and display are intelligent and user-friendly.
These products are widely used in CATV transmission system and the high power distributing system FTTH equipment. It can be used for CATV analog/digital signal distribution, or match with PON system to construction the triple network integration. (Triple wavelength WDM is optional)

High power EDFA 32 Port
High power EDFA 16 Port

High Power EDFA 16 Port Product Pictures

1550nm High Power EDFA price and specs ycict1550nm High Power EDFA ycict

1550nm High Power EDFA1550nm High Power EDFA price and specs new and original ycict

High Power EDFA 16 Port Product Specifications

Parameter Value
Optical Wavelength 1540~1565 nm
Input optical power -10~+10
Total Output optical power 27~40 dBm
Output ports 4 / 8 / 16 / 32
Output adjustable range -5.0~+0.5 dBm
Flatness ± 1 dBm
Optical power stability ± 0.2 dBm
Noise figure ≤ 5.0 dB(optical input power is 0dBm)
Input / output optical return loss ≥ 50 dB
Input / output optical isolation ≥ 30 dB
Input / output pump leakage power ≤ -30 dBm
Supply voltage Double power supply  100~265V 50Hz
Power consumption ≤ 80W

High Power EDFA 16 Port Product Features

  • Suitable for CATV, PON system orvideo combiner is optional
  • Power Supply: Redundancy Hot Swap Power module
  • All optical and management ports front panel access, and works for 19’ or 21’ racks
  • The Fan and power supplies can be plugged in 2U rack, which is very convenient to maintain
  • LCD display shows and controls the system parameters, LED status indication shows the alarm status
  • Support ETH, RS232 and Monitor ports
  • Network Management interface supporting SNMP via ETHport.
  • APC(Automatic Power Control)optical output
  • High power components, high reliability, low noise

High Power EDFA Product Applications

  • Analog CATV Transmission
  • FTTH Optical Access
  • Optical Distribution
  • Free Space Optical
  • R&D and Training

High Power EDFA 16 Port Product Applications


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