Huawei AirEngine 9703-H is a high-performance wireless Access Controller (AC) with 1 x 100G optical/2 x 40G optical/4 x 25G optical/8 x 10G optical/(1 x 40G optical + 4 x 10G optical) + 4 x 25G optical +4 x 10G optical + 8 x GE Combo*

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H Product Overview

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H is a next-generation high-performance access controller designed for large enterprise campuses, branches, and campuses. The access controller can manage up to 20,480 APs and have a forwarding capability of up to 160 Gbit/s. The number of wireless access points can be flexibly configured and has good scalability. With Huawei’s full range of 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax, and 802.11be wireless access points, you can build application environments such as large-scale campus networks, enterprise office networks, wireless metro networks, and hotspot coverage.

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H Product Pictures

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H priceHuawei AirEngine 9703-H specs ycict

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H price and specsHuawei AirEngine 9703-H ycict

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H Product Specifications

Parameters AirEngine 9703-H
Ports 1 x 100G optical/2 x 40G optical/4 x 25G optical/8 x 10G optical/(1 x 40G optical + 4 x 10G optical) + 4 x 25G optical +4 x 10G optical + 8 x GE Combo*
* indicate that the port combinations are mutually exclusive. Cards can be inserted into the backplane to expand interfaces in the future.
Power Supply AC or DC power adapter
Forwarding Capability 160 Gbps
Maximum Number of Managed APs 20480
Maximum Number of Access Users 307200
AP-AC Networking Layer 2 or Layer 3 networking
Forwarding Mode Direct forwarding or tunnel forwarding
AC Active/Standby Mode 1 + 1 HSB or N + 1 backup
Radio Protocol 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H Product Features

  • Provide various high-rate interfaces such as 100G/40G/25G/10G optical ports and GE Combo ports, supporting up to 160Gbps forwarding performance.
  • Load balancing during smart roaming: The load balancing algorithm is used to perform load balancing detection on APsafter STAs roam, and adjust the STA load on each AP accordingly to improve network stability.
  • Intelligent DFA technology: The dynamic frequency assignment (DFA) algorithm is used to automatically detect adjacent-channel and co-channel interference, and identify any 2.4 GHz redundant radio. Through automatic inter-AP negotiation, the redundant radio is automatically switched to another mode (dual-5G AP models support 2.4G-to-5G switchover) or is disabled to reduce 2.4 GHz co-channel interference and increase the system capacity.
  • Intelligent conflict optimization technology: The dynamic enhanced distributed channel access (EDCA) and airtime scheduling algorithms are used to schedule the channel occupation time and service priority of each user. This ensures thateach user is assigned relatively equal time for using channel resources and user services are scheduled in an orderly manner, improving service processing efficiency and user experience.

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H Product and More Models

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Huawei AirEngine 9703-H Product Applications

Huawei AirEngine 9703-H price and specs ycict

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