Huawei CE16804 Switch is a data centre switch introduced by Huawei for the AI era.

Huawei CE16804 Switch Product Overview

Huawei CE16804 Switch is the data center switch built for the AI era. It has an embedded AI chip and uses innovative iLossless algorithm to learn and train network-wide traffic, implement zero packet loss and E2E μs-level latency, and achieve the maximum throughput. By using Huawei’s VRP8 software platform, CloudEngine 16800 series provide stable, reliable, and secure high-performance Layer 2/Layer 3 switching capabilities to help build an elastic, virtualized, and high-quality network. Additionally, CE16804 uses an advanced hardware architecture design. The CloudEngine 16800 series provide up to 576 x 100GE, 576 x 40GE, 2,304 x 25GE, or 2,304 x 10GE line-rate ports and use an industry-leading backplane-free Clos architecture and provide industrial- grade reliability. The switches support comprehensive data center service features. Their front-to-back airflow design suits data center equipment rooms, and the innovative energy conservation technologies greatly reduce power consumption.

Huawei CE16804 Switch Product Pictures

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Huawei CE16804 Switch specs ycictHuawei CE16804 Switch specs

Huawei CE16804 Switch Product Specifications

Model CloudEngine 16804 CloudEngine 16808 CloudEngine 16816
Switching Capacity 43/387 Tbit/s1 86/774 Tbit/s1 173/1548 Tbit/s1
Forwarding Performance 11,280 Mpps 22,560 Mpps 45,120 Mpps
Service Slots 4 8 16
Switching Fabric Module Slots 6 (scalable to 9 for future expansion)
Fabric Architecture Clos architecture, cell switching, VoQ
Airflow Design Strict front-to-back airflow design
Virtualization M-LAG
VS (1:16 virtualization)
Cluster Switch System (CSS)2
VXLAN and VXLAN bridging
QinQ access VXLAN
Static route, IPv4/IPv6 dynamic route protocol
IP packet fragmentation and reassembly
SFC IETF-defined NSH
Reliability Microsegmentation
Hardware-based Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
O&M Telemetry
Programmability Standard NETCONF interface
Ansible-based automatic configuration and open-source module release

Huawei CE16804 Switch Product Features

  • The switch upports Border Gateway Protocol – Ethernet VPN (BGP-EVPN), which can run as the VXLAN control plane to simplify VXLAN deployment.
  • BGP-EVPN triggers automatic VXLAN tunnel setup between virtual tunnel endpoints (VTEPs), removing the need for full-mesh tunnel configuration. BGP-EVPN also reduces flooding of unknown traffic by advertising MAC routes on the control plane. With BGP-EVPN, large Layer 2 networks can be established for data centers.
  • Because BGP-EVPN is a standard protocol, the CloudEngine 16800 is interoperable with devices from other vendors, enabling long-term network evolution.
  • CloudEngine 16800 supports centralized and distributed VXLAN deployment and supports various VXLAN access modes, including QinQ access VXLAN. This allows for flexible customization of heterogeneous networks.
  • CloudEngine 16800 series support Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). ZTP enables the CloudEngine 16800 series to automatically obtain and load version files from a USB flash drive or file server, freeing network engineers from onsite configuration and deployment. ZTP reduces labor costs and improves device deployment efficiency.
  • CloudEngine 16800 uses industry-leading Cluster Switch System (CSS) technology, which can virtualize two physical switches into one logical switch to facilitate network management and improve reliability.
  • CloudEngine 16800 provides a cluster bandwidth of 3.2 Tbit/s. This super-high bandwidth prevents traffic bottlenecks on data center networks.

Huawei CE16804 Switch Ordering Info

Basic Configuration
CE16804-AH CE16804 AC/HVDC assembly chassis
CE16804-DC CE16804 DC assembly chassis
CE16804A-B00 CE16804 AC Bundle0 (AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis, 2* MPUD,3*SFU04F,2*3000W AC & HVDC, full Fans)
CE16804A-B01  CE16804 AC Bundle1 (AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis, 2* MPUD,4*SFU04F,4*3000W AC & HVDC, full Fans)
CE16804A-B02 CE16804 AC Bundle2 (AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis, 2* MPUD,5*SFU04G,4*3000W AC & HVDC, full Fans)
CE16808-AH  CE16808 AC/HVDC assembly chassis
CE16808-DC  CE16808 DC assembly chassis
CE16808A-B00 CE16808 AC Bundle0 (AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis, 2* MPUD,3*SFU08F,2*3000W AC & HVDC, full Fans)
CE16808A-B01  CE16808 AC Bundle1 (AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis, 2* MPUD,4*SFU08F,4*3000W AC & HVDC, full Fans)
CE16808A-B02  CE16808 AC Bundle2 (AC/HVDC Assembly Chassis, 2* MPUD,5*SFU08G,4*3000W AC & HVDC, full Fans)
CE16816-AH  CE16816 AC/HVDC assembly chassis
CE16816-DC  CE16816 DC assembly chassis
Main Processing Unit
CE-MPUD-HALF  CE16800 Main Processing Unit D (half-width)
CE-MPUD-FULL  CE16800 Main Processing Unit D (full-width)
Switch Fabric Unit
CE-SFU04F-G CE16804 Switch Fabric Unit F
CE-SFU04G-G CE16804 Switch Fabric Unit G
CE-SFU08F-G CE16808 Switch Fabric Unit F
CE-SFU08G-G CE16808 Switch Fabric Unit G
CE-SFU16F-G CE16816 Switch Fabric Unit F
CE-SFU16G-G CE16816 Switch Fabric Unit G
10GBASE-X Interface Card
CEL48XSFD-G 48-port 10GE interface card (FD-G, SFP+)
40GE Interface Card
CEL24LQFD-G  24-port 40GE interface card (FD-G, QSFP+)
CEL36LQFD-G 36-port 40GE interface card (FD-G, QSFP+)
100GE Interface Card
CEL18CQFD-G 18-port 100GE interface card (FD-G, QSFP28)
CEL36CQFD-G 36-port 100GE interface card (FD-G, QSFP28)
PAH-3000WA 3000W Dual Inputs AC&HVDC Power Module
PDC-2200WC  PSU-PDC-2200WC-PM2200W DC Power Supply
N1-CE168LIC-CFMM N1-CloudFabric Management SW License for CloudEngine 16800
N1-CE168CFMM-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Management SW License for CloudEngine 16800-SnS-1 Year
N1-CE168LIC-CFFD N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 16800 (N1-CE168LIC-CFFD software is applicable to single DC scenarios, includes basic L2/L3 functions and features such as VXLAN, EVPN, Telemetry and Agile Controller-DCN)
N1-CE168CFFD-SnS1Y  N1-CloudFabric Foundation SW License for CloudEngine 16800-SnS-1 Year
N1-CE168LIC-CFAD   N1CE168LIC-CFFD software package and NSH function)  N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 16800 (N1-CE168LIC-CFAD software is applicable to multiple DC scenarios, includes all the functions of the
N1-CE168CFAD-SnS1Y N1-CloudFabric Advanced SW License for CloudEngine 16800-SnS-1 Year

Huawei CE16804 Switch Product Applications

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