Huawei MA5620 16 Port is box-type devices. Each of them provides two GPON or GE uplink ports and supports 16-channel, LAN access (LAN: POTS = 1:1)

Huawei MA5620 16 Port Product Overview

Huawei MA5620 16 Port is industry-leading remote multi-dwelling units (MDUs) launched by Huawei, and it provides broadband services and IP voice services on the Fiber To The Building (FTTB) network for family users and small to medium enterprises.

Huawei MA5620 16 Port features broad temperature range, low power consumption, mute design, high stability, environment friendlily and energy conservation, and can be used on workbenches and installed in corridors and cabinets, facilitating installation and maintenance

Huawei MA5620 16 Port Product Pictures

Huawei MA5620 16 Port GPON YCICT FIXED MDUHuawei MA5620 16 Port YCICT GPON EPON MDU

Huawei MA5620 16 Port YCICTHuawei MA5620 16 Port YCICT 16 PORT GPON EPON YCICT

Huawei MA5620 16 Port Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Model MA5620 16 Port
Dimensions (H×W×D) 43.6mm×442mm×220mm
Network-side port Each of them provides two uplink ports that use the SFP optical modules and automatically adapt to GPON and GE modes. The two uplink ports can be configured as follows:
2×GE (optical)
1×GE (optical) + 1×GPON
16×FE + 16×POTS
Operating temperature -40oC to 55oC; startup at -25oC
Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Heat dissipation mode No fans; passive cooling
Power supply AC: 220V/110V
Lightning protection capability LAN: 6kV; POTS: 4kV
Weight 24 ports: 2.3kg
16 ports: 2.29kg
8 ports: 2.28kg

Huawei MA5620 16 Port Product Features

         Strong QoS capability

Support bandwidth management based DBA, flexible service mapping and accurate service management base the flow. The strong quality of service (QoS) capability provides the user difference service experience.

  • High-performance IPTV services management:

Strong service switching capability, packet forwarding capability, and high integration (data exchange and user management) enable them to have carrier-class multicast operation capability.

  • Perfect voice features,

supporting basic services (voice service, fax service, and modem service) and supplementary services

Huawei MA5620 16 Port Product Applications

Huawei MA5620 8 Port YCICT

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