Huawei MG323 Module


Huawei MG323 Module is ideal for M2M applications including telematics devices, tracking solutions, AMI etc.

Huawei MG323 Module Product Overview

Huawei MG323 Module is a Quad-band GSM/GPRS module with a B2B (Board to Board) connector and provides features like embedded TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol stack, SMS support and USSD. With its ultra-compact design and extended operating temperature range.

Using an industry-standard interface, the MG323 with GSM/GPRS GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz capability enables high-speed transmission of voice, SMS, data and fax information in small size and low power consumption. The excellent performance of the MG323 allows it to be used in many applications, such as in-vehicle monitoring, WLL, M2M, handheld devices, etc.

Huawei MG323 Module Product Picture

Huawei MG323 Module YCICTHuawei MG323 Module YCICT

Huawei MG323 Module Specifications

Product characteristics Description
Working frequency bandGSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ
Maximum transmit powerEGSM900/GSM850 Class4(2W)
GSM1800/GSM1900 Class1(1W)
Receive sensitivity<-107dBm
Operating temperature-30°C ~+75°C
Power supply voltage3.3V~4.8V(recommended value3.8V )
Average standby current<3.0mA
Shutdown leakage current47uA
Protocolsupport GSM/GPRS Phase2/2+
AT commandGSM standard AT command
V.25 AT command
Huawei extended AT command
50PIN B2B connectorUART interface (maximum serial port speed up to 115200bit/s)
Standard SIM interface (1.8V or 3V)
Two analog audio interfaces
Power interface
GSC RF Antenna Connector50Ω GSC RF Antenna Connector
Voice servicesupports voice coding of FR, EFR, HR and AMR
Support hands-free calling and provide echo suppression
SMSSupports MO and MT
SMS mode supports TEXT and PDU
GPRS data serviceGPRS CLASS 10
Coding mode  CS 1,CS 2,CS 3,CS 4
Maximum rate is up to 85.6Kbit/s
Embedded TCP/IP protocol
Circuit type data service Supports CSD data services with a maximum rate of 9.6Kbit/s
Support fax: Group3, Class2.0
Supplementary services Caller ID, call forwarding, call hold, call waiting, three-way calling, etc.
Physical characteristicsSize: 35mm X 32.5mm X 3.05mm
Weight: 5.8g
STK functionSupports STK function with enhanced AT commands

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